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[QLD] Gold Coast Hinterland, Sun Jul 26th

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Muttly

    Start: 8:30am
    Where: McDonalds Springwood

    I Haven't worked out the exact route yet but I wanted to get the ride posted before everyone starts making plans for the weekend.

    I'm thinking we head out to Canungra, around Beechmont, maybe down to Spr...

    ... more

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  2. I'm free that weekend and would love to come along. I haven't ridden in those areas before, so pretty keen to see the ride guide also.
  3. Excellent BigD

    Really glad you can make it. I'll hopefully have the ride guide done early next week.

  4. Alas, it's my papa's birthday during the week before and we're doing sunday breakfast that day *sigh*. Sounds like bigD will enjoy it for the two of us though, never been up the gold coast hinterland... well I never!
  5. Sorry you can't make it Roy Boy but hope you have a great day anyway!
  6. That was a little white lie :oops: Once I rode down that way with a Pro Honda shop ride. We rode south from Beaudesert to Murwillumbah to have lunch at The Brunswick Heads Hotel. A few of us decided to ride back via the highway. The only other I came close was on the infamous Kyogle loop.
    From memory, we had all had enough of the rain and wet twistys. We decided to ride back on the highway from Murwillumbah.
  7. I'm a maybe. With 3 or 4 others too.

  8. Put me down as a maybe too - bit of a hike down so time might be an issue.
  9. If it is fine, then i am in .
  10. Yeah, that probably wasn't the best taste of the Gold Coast Hinterland. I,m sure this trip will be much better

    I thought that might be the case Sooty, but don't worry, the roads up north IMO are much better so we tend to do more rides up that way. Would be great if you could make it though. These days it's as dark at 4:00am as it is at 6:00am so just don't think about what time it is :wink:

    C'mon Ben, do you really want to miss out on being soaked to the skin, shivering, numb fingers, no vision and slippery roads :shock:

    No problems Virgil, let us know closer to the time and we'll get some details off you.
  11. Well I just signed up for the 'go via' toll thingy so that's one thing out of the way (since now motorbikes can just ride through without etags). New chain, sprockets, tyres... all out of excuses :p
  12. how do the etag things work or is now on a number plate detection system???
  13. I linked the tag I have in the car with the bike rego. When you ride through the toll, they take an image and match it up to your account.
  14. I did a recce yesterday and am currently working on the ride guide. If the weather is as nice as it was yesterday it'll be an awesome day.
  15. Hi guys,
    Id be pretty keen to come for a ride with you all. What kind of bikes do you all ride.
    I have a 00 zx6r.
    Might have a +1 too.

    Edit: just realised it says what you ride under your username :LOL:
  16. Hope you can make it Scotts. I'll PM you closer to the day to confirm and get some details off you.
  17. I am keen... not 100% certain though.
  18. :-k Seems to be a lot of maybes at the moment.

    It wouldn't be anything to do with the weather, would it :eek:hno:
  19. Hi folks, hope all is well -

    count me in if its not bucketing down