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[QLD] Glory west of Mt Glorious

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by GodsPetMonkey, Jul 18, 2010.

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    This ride diary is going to cover some of the more enjoyable roads to the immediate west of Brisbane - including the road up the ranges along Hampton Esk Rd, the high-speed run next to Wivenhoe Dam and the famous Mt Glorious/Mt Nebo. Locals will be familiar most of the roads here (Mt Glorious is a rider magnet), but the best riding is from the west to east, heading back to Brisbane - it is well worth the extra travel time.

    As a bit of an experiment/trail I am including some video of these roads in addition to a few images! Hopefully it all goes well :)
    For the impatient, links directly to the videos:
    on Google maps)

    One of my favourite mixed roads - a good combination of quick sweeping roads, and tight bendy bits as you ascend up the ranges towards Hampton, a small town north of Toowoomba. It's a rolling climb with some good views in lush terrain (which is a nice change from the brown grass fields at either end). The road, however, has sustained some damage recently, with a few potholes opening up, including a real nasty one on one of the tighter corners which would leave you in some trouble if you hit it (as it is surrounded by debris). You can see it in the video down below if you look closely.

    Obligatory pictures:









    And now the good bit! A short video of one of the best parts of the road - which you can find on Google maps)

    These roads run around the north-east of Wivenhoe Damn, travelling through rolling grasslands and light forest. The road here is gentle, with friendly curves and a good surface and is meant to be done at or about the speed limit ;).

    On this stretch I came across an important reminder for all of us - A police wagon flying past in the opposite direction, sirens blaring. Then a kilometre later some road crew putting the remains of a sports bike on a towtruck. Turns out the poor guy had hit a kangaroo and come off second best; the police were rushing him to hospital with ambulances being rarity out there. Hopefully the rider will be alright, but it is an important reminder that we should always maintain some margin to deal with the unexpected.

    You can find a short clip of these roads on Google maps)

    A very popular stretch of road, for a very good reason - loads of fun, except for the police attention and the other folks on the road who have trouble sticking to their side of the road (met a few of both on the way up). I think this is the best stretch along Mt Glorious, though most Brisbane riders stick to the Gap to Samford loop (probably because it is convenient). Good surface, great corners, what’s not to love?

    This stretch is good enough to deserve multiple videos! You will find the first [URL="]here[/URL], and the second [URL="]here[/URL]! Enjoy (these came out rather well).

    Coming up on Mt Nebo

    Technically it is east of Mt Glorious, but hey, it's another great stretch, so why not! Connecting Mt Glorious with The Gap it is a popular run, with both riders and police. Despite it being very cold up there (9 degrees on the shaded roads - freezing for Brisbane-siders!) there were 3 marked police vehicles.

    Some more footage to round off this little guide to some of the best roads near Brisbane. You can watch it [URL="]here[/URL].

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  2. I know all those roads really well. Went through the Esk/Hampton Road yesterday. You sure are right about one large pothole, its about half way up the eastern twisty part of the range. If anyone hits it, they are sure to get into trouble, its one of the worst I've seen for a long time. (Its close to the centre line, if anyone is travelling up that way).