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[QLD] Get MacFfy on her bike, Sat Aug 19th

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: MacFfy

    I'm off to collect my new bike. Some folks offered to ride with me, there's now a group of at least 6 heading out for a gentle little afternoon spin.

    All welcome, meet at 14:30, Pro Kawasaki corner of Moss & Pacific Hwy, Springwood.

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  2. well i got my licence today.... so hopefuly we're still all on for tomorrow....

    Tanya - if you wanted to tail end it I would certainly appreciate it.... it's up to you!

    looking forward to meeting you all!
  3. Tail end charlie suits me, power commander has become possesed and bike isn't running very well.


    Seeya tomorrow
  4. let us know how it went. I had work at 5 at indooroopilly, so springwood 2:30 start wasn't too feasible.
  5. wellllllllllllll............

    Other than a few "minor hiccups" at the start (yes it's true... I did actually drop the bike - what a fool!!!!!)

    So there was me, Ro, tanya, blue muppet, Bravus and my (new) mate aaron.

    Tanya and BalmyB dropped off after the first hour or so... tanya's bike wasn't very happy and BB had work...

    The other 4 of us carried on.... bravus left us just before we got back to brisbane, and aaron and me last so Ro heading north on 3 just after the junction for the PA (where we turned off)

    I believe (someone will correct me if I'm wrong) we headed down to yatala, then towards Mt Tambourine and Cunuraga (is that how you spell it) then back on the freeway heading up to brisbane.... someone who actually knew where we were will be able to give you a detailed blow by blow account.

    Thanks to all that came and helped!!! tanya and BM will be glad to hear there were no other indidents after they left!! ;)

    Cheers guys!!!!
  6. Yep, had a fantastic time - even if I ended up having to do the Ipswich Motorway in the dark on the way home after I left the group.

    Excellent to meet everyone and have a chat, and just a magic ride on some great roads, in gorgeous weather, with very little traffic, and a wide variety of countryside in the Gold Coast hinterland. We rode through the marvellously named 'Wonglepong' on our way out to Nerang then back up the Pacific Motorway into Brisbane.

    I had the oldest and slowest bike of the bunch, but that probably fits because I'm arguably the oldest and slowest rider... ;)

    Thanks particularly to Aaron and Tanya for their patience with the noobs in the group... and I love Tanya's description: 'the power commander is possessed'.

    Definitely need to get out for more rides, and thanks to MacFfy for being the causal factor that made this one happen.
  7. BTW, if anyone noticed me exhibiting any egregiously bad/dangerous habits in my riding, I'll be grateful rather than offended if you let me know...
  8. ^^^From what I saw of your riding mate, it was fine. Are you worried that you did something wrong?

    Bahahaha @ balmyb! I thought that I had been missed from the list but I now realise that balmyb must have been me. It was quite a balmy day in my leathers come to think of it :D

    I had a corker of a ride and it was great to finally meet some Brisbane netriders.

    Hope you can sort out those gremlins in your bike soon Tanya.

    I’m looking forward to meeting up again and maybe hitting up a few of the twisty sections that we have around the area. From the looks of things we had a few pretty experienced riders in the group and I’m keen to pick up some pointers.

    Thanks again.
  9. note to self: do not just copy and paste list without reading it!
  10. Nah, nothing in particular I don't think, except possibly leaning the bike in and keeping my body more upright sometimes in corners... But heck, Tanya was back there eating my dust for a long time, and I just thought perhaps between sprinkling holy water on the power commander she might have spotted something. ;)
  11. lol no holy water on my bike, but I could have gleefully kicked it :D it is booked into the mechanics to get checked out, but they weren't able to do it until next week, I'd hoped to get away with it yesterday but it won that one :roll:

    Bravus, you looked fine to me, the only thing is I'd say move over a little earlier to set yourself up for corners :)

    MacFfy, you gained my utmost respect, getting back on that bike and telling it who's boss after it was trying to be lazy. Good on ya :grin:

    It was really nice to meet everybody, and I don't think I'll forget the virago rider in a hurry either :LOL:

    And I'll be in on more rides for sure :)
  12. Yeah, hopefully I can join in next time. Problem is, I work 7 days a week.....sat is the best though, but a morning start is necessary if it includes going across town to meet.
  13. hey guys!!

    New member here, have been lurkking for a while, but recently posted a topic about jackets for non midgets!!

    was hoping to actualy drive down to see the launch of the new bike ( as havent even aquired one for myself yet!! ) but sadly had to head in the other direction ( up to noosa).. was a bummer becasue i was really loooking forward to meeting some brissy riders!!


    you gotta post the tale!!!!

    glad you all had fun!
  14. HEY ALL

    Rode home today and all went well. Bit over 12 hours including 2 fuel stops and 1 for lunch so I'm feeling a little second hand right now.

    Thanks all for the ride. It was good to get out and meet some new people and role around some new roads.

    I might have to come up again, go for another ride and see how MacFfy has overcome her teething problems.
  15. My bike is fixed.. power commander isn't possessed, silly little screw in throttle bypass was wrong.. mystery how/why, but he's purring again :D

    Whens the next ride :)
  16. How's Saturday afternoon 2 weeks for everyone? Around 2:30 or so works well for me. And I invite everyone out west a little! (I'm near Ipswich which added a couple of hours to the ride the other day.) Something fairly twisty but with good runoff areas, and still ridden at a 1 or 2, would be luverly for me... ;)
  17. Sundays are better mate, that way we have a whole day :)
  18. yeah I'm better on sundays as well... saturday is my designated study day (and have a few exams over the next couple of weeks!)

    don't mind where we go.
  19. Sunday's actually better for me too, that was just a misguided effort to accommodate others. Coolness, sounds like a Brisbane Sunday ride could be a goer.
  20. since we've not managed to organise anything for this sunday.... wonder if anyone's interested in this.

    spotted a flyer for a memorial ride this saturday (2nd) if anyone's interested...

    meet at the jc slaughter falls on Mt coot-tha from 10am, ride starts at 11 and goes down to mt tambourine. $15 per bike, $5 for pillion.

    there's a free bbq, drink and give aways... all proceeds to the orthopaedic ward at the RBH.

    I quite fancy it, but not on my own!!!!!!