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[QLD] Fixed Speed Cameras.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by IceTime, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. This might be old news for some. I have seen emails floating around for a couple of weeks but I thought it worth a post just in case someone isn't in the loop. Long story short fixed cameras are going to be placed around Brisbane. I can confirm the Story bridge as correct, that was in a news article quoting Paul Lucas. They are going to be signed apparently (hopefully not as obscurely as the mobile speed cameras... I wouldn't hold my breath tho). I dont have an implementation date.

    Tarragindi off-ramp (M1) on Brisbane's Southside, another along the

    Bruce Highway at Burpengary and on the

    east-side of the Story Bridge

  2. If they sign them as they do in NSW, and they are legitimately in "black spots" that MIGHT be improved by a bit of speed limit adherence, then I've got no problem with it.
  3. There's no real argument against them. Unsigned and in non-black spots doesn't draw any anger from me.

    If you speed and get caught, it's your own fault. Simple. If people didn't continue to speed, gov's wouldn't be getting any revenue out of it and all these cameras would disappear.
  4. If the government didn't make revenue out of it, there wouldn't be such a system in place for our "safety".

    Traffic legislation in this country is the result of greed, moral bankruptcy and lies.
  5. I'm of mixed feelings. My reasons for posting were simply to alert riders rather than debate. However, just to throw my 2 cents in. :) From the fixed and well signed cameras I have experienced in NSW. I think great okay everyone knows where they are. They are signed well enough to make everyone aware and they do serve their purpose which is to slow people down. Although I have never received a fine, I have major gripes in the way the current mobile cameras are operated. Firstly they are not ONLY deployed in black spots, they are frequently hidden, which serves no point other than to raise money, the "officers" in charge of the cameras are a wasted resource that could better serve the community... and no making money off the police force IS NOT serving the community. The officers in charge of the cameras blatantly flaunt the signage laws by placing the signs in positions unable to be seen. This is clearly a breach. However they get away with it as oh the legislation fails to mention where the sign should be facing OOPS...kinda akin to someone stuffing shopping goods down their jacket and getting pulled up before they leave the store... a WEAK excuse. The stats are clearly fudged as well, theres no proof the cameras work. Then there is the fact that the revenue doesn't even go back to fixing the roads that they are supposed to and finally, I'll take a breath..... they really fail to slow traffic in any real or useful sense other than to scare the odd person into locking their wheels at the last second. Okay that was more like my two dollars...I'm over it. I'm sure its all been said before and common knowledge to all and sundry.
  6. I sooooo agree with this comment.

    It's your own fault if you get caught speeding. Rules is rules...

    I couldn't care if the Speed Cameras (mobile or fixed) were hiding in drains, buses or mounted in phone boxes. You take 2 risks when you speed.....getting caught and killing yourself/someone...

    Yes, I am guilty and have put the foot down a few times myself (or twisted the throttle too hard) but I understand my risks and have no cause for complaint should I get caught....

    If there is a spot on the road that is notorious for speeding, bring it the cameras...

  7. Icetime couldnt agree more - well said.
  8. If it wasn't so tragic it would be funny how cranky our non-Victorian counterparts get over how their speed cameras are signed. In Victoria there are no warning signs, miniscule tolerances and cameras EVERYWHERE. You will pass numerous cameras on even a short trip around Melbourne and heaven forbid you exceed the limit by 3 kph because you'll be busted for that. You guys don't know how good you have it in NSW and QLD. Oddly enough nobody down here seems to seriously question the legitimacy of an enforcement system that issues (from memory) over 600,000 speeding infringements per year.