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(QLD) Finally an honest politician!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kyba274, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. There was a small article in the Gold Coast Sun on wednesday march 17, on parking fees and infringements, which quoted John Wayne, City Councilor as saying:
    "If everyone did the right thing we would lose millions of dollars in infringement notices"
    "We all say we want people to do the right thing, - but we really don't"

    WOW, I am gobsmacked that a politician would actually state the logical truth of the matter when it comes to infringement notices.
    I wonder if someone will get fired for letting this article...
  2. What is the world coming to?? If they all get honest I will have to start paying attention and actually consider what they say, rather than just wing it on who sounds like he isn't lying (which as well all know, just means they are the best liar, and therefore the best politician).
  3. This politician's gone rogue. They are gonna have to 'disappear' him.
  4. Election this year?

    Are you meant to think "Wow, that guy's the only honest one among 'em!" ???
  5. Stating facts that we all already knew...

    They want people to stop doing the massive 25+kph over the limit. but if everyone was parking in no-standing zones and speeding up to 10kph over. they'd be happy =P
  6. Of course everyone knows these facts they are stating. It requires the mental capacity of a 10yr old child to work them out.
    They just don't want to admit the facts, as that would bring revenues down...
  7. The vast majority of speed camera offences are those that occur under 10 km/h over the posted limit. However, trying to get a breakdown on all speed camera offences is like asking the CIA if we can see its list of agents.

    And a leading professor at Monash University's Accident and Research Centre said that these offenders weren't the problem. And Ken Lay, Victoria Police's Ass. Commish for Traffic has admitted this, too.

    But no self-disrespecting politician will ever admit to this in public. He'd be crucified by his opponents as well as any number of PC twats out there who think that breathing is a dangerous pursuit.