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[QLD] FarRide #2 - 1000k Day - 21st Oct

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Davo, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. I hestiated posting this here but decided that there are mnay experienced riders who hang out here so here we go.

    FarRiders aims are at the longer ride. We had our first FarRide in June and was very well received.

    After much pushing I have been able to find the time to set up FarRide #2 a Ride to Eat ride.

    Date: 21st October 2006
    Place: Mitchell Qld

    Full details: http://www.farriders.com/farride2.htm

    Discussion here: http://p220.ezboard.com/fgtr1000frm11.showMessage?topicID=30.topic

    There are some very experienced long distance riders going. I myself just completed a 2564k ride in 23hrs 10mins from Cooroy Qld to Ceduna SA as a first days leg heading to the Border Run (30th anniversary) with "the pudding" on board.

    The FarRides are as an entry level ride for those wishing to ride further than the local coffee shop.[/url]

  2. You were doing so well until you made the dig about the coffee shop :roll:

    I've done long rides, it took me 5,500 km just to get to melb from here, and that was on one of the most uncomfortable sportsbikes on the market, but have since changed bikes and found a naked bike doesn't lend itself to long distances, hence getting a mild case of whiplash after doing 1600km over easter.

    But I like going to coffee shops with my mates as well, so looks like I have no credibilty anyway :shock:
  3. I can only assume that was said in jest :roll:

    I am a Ulyssian, I by default ride to coffee shops and enjoy every moment of the Ulysses rides and members I have met in 5 states.

    However this is not a coffee shop ride. See you at Mitchell maybe.
  4. Hey Davo, good to hear your voice again.

    Best wishes with the long rides; I have a friend who has a GTR for sale and the idea of getting that to do some long rides is tempting, but supporting just one bike is pretty much the budget :grin:
  5. Yeah Paul I know where you are coming from mate. I spent quite a bit of time amongst some adventure riders, BMW GS's, KTM 640 and 950's recently at Border Village (SA/WA Border for the Border Run) before they headed west to the OCR Off Center Rally and I came away thinking. Hmmm maybe..... wife says "one bike, you decide"

    So looks like I stick with one for now..... wonder what two wives cost :LOL:

    Be down you way in October next year, well further really at Tathra for our 4th annual GTR-AUS Meet.

    Good to see your post numbers are getting higher than most peoples wages :LOL:
  6. To quote yourself, you know you want to.......
    They are a great bike, cheep to maintain, and just a great all round bike. I could see you commuting on one Paul.
    They also look great naked.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Andrew you just keep at him mate, he will come around eventually :cool