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QLD Easter Trip - Need help w/ route

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Big_DP, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. G'day guys.

    Finally getting a couple of days off work, unfortunately though it coincides with the school break so most places are going to already be packed/booked.

    I've got roughly 9/10 days off at Easter and wouldn't mind heading out on the bike camping for most of it. I've taken inspiration from SJMHO's thread. I've got most of the gear I'm going to need but this will be the first trip by myself planning and travelling.

    Plans running through my head at the moment are parts of the Great Dividing Range, Expedition National Park (Beilba has peaked my interest but I don't know what the track entrance is like) etc. I wouldn't mind camping for an extra day or two somewhere and walk/hike if the scenery is worth it.

    Motorcycle: Suzuki Gladius 650 (Happy to take this semi-offroad but it's still a road bike so a bit limited).
    Can comfortably travel 500km/day after 6/700km it starts testing the limits of my rear.

    I guess what I'm really chasing is any must see places, stunning places to camp and any roads that are a preference for us on two wheels.

    Apologies, this is a bit rushed on the super slow work computer but I'll check in tonight and try to provide any details that are missing.


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  2. Good on you for having a go at a major tour. They are always fun, and camping gives you the opportunity to stay in far more remote and picturesque places. I am more of a southern state tourer so I can't help you with routes. Beilba says on the Qld Parks site 30 K of loose gravel 4WD recommended so may be a bit ambitious.

    Expedition National Park (Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing)

    Some of these may help

    59 Motorcycle Rides in Queensland , Australia

    Ride Motorcycle Roads in Queensland, Australia at MotoWhere.com

    Motorcycle Paradise: Gold Coast’s Best Motorcycle Roads

    Enjoy your trip, hopefully other members with more local knowledge can help more.
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  3. Personally I would head south over the border and just go up and down the various roads across the Great Dividing Range for a week. I think you wanted to stay in QLD though so will keep my opinions to myself. LOL