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[QLD] E Petition against Rego Price Hike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mkey, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. G'day all
    Just thought I would provide a link to a E Petition on the Qld Parliament Website against the insane Rego price hikes proposed in the Qld state budget, with an average of $250 price rise proposed it will take the average rego to $800.
    This will apply to all Rego's in Qld. It's insane and wrong, the Qld Government spent to much, figured the resources boom would never end, and when the bubble popped, had the brain wave that the Qld motorist can pay the bill! Aresclowns!
    They already get to much out of us now and I'll be damned if I'm going to give them anymore!


  2. The dirty swines! I've signed up!

    What was the point of the government sending everyone a $900 stimulus package when sucking us blind to make up for it! Rego increase, rates and electricity are going up heaps. Assholes!
  3. Wont do any good unfortunately, but Ill still sign. QLD is proper fcuked, and we are all going to pay for years of pathetic management.
  4. You guys might want to put an environmental slant in your complaints, you know, punishing those trying to lessen their carbon footprint, fuel use, etc by using motorcycles, growing number of cycles, etc
  5. Have filled it out and passed it on where I can. The June edition of Australian Road Rider had a good article on how to get politicians to listen.
  6. Woa another price rise? Is this $250 up for everyone, because I can't imagine my bike rego going from $135 + CTP to $385 + CTP.
  7. th would bring it close to some of the other states i suppose. I used to love paying $410 for my hilux in qld, in comparison to over $600 in NSW.
  8. I was told this wasn't gonna affect motorcycle rego... can anyone confirm for sure?