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[QLD] Defect Fine Fender Eliminator/Hugger !

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by scooterluvsbeer, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Howdy all.

    Newbie on here first time poster !!! WOOHOO

    Just a heads up I was stopped and fined for a mudguard defect on my K1 GSXR last night. $75 and 1 point.... And no I wasn't doing anything stupid at the time :)

    Lovely c*nstable, took a while to work the digital camera. Apparently they can't be trusted these days and need photographic evidence !

    Anyway I could whinge and whine and complain somemore. Just a heads up... Plenty ADR/Fender Eliminator talk on here already


  2. Does anybody know the leglistation when it comes to this in VIC? That sux sweety nut sack by the way, nothing better to do, fuc**rs.
  3. The legislation is already in. In the sense that it falls under the ADR requirements. Which you can get off the net.

    Fender eliminators fall short of these design standards and cop a fine.

    Don't think that there are any points attached to it here in VIC.

    But they theoretically could make your machine non-roadworthy.
  4. They're doing a service to the community!!

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  5. thanks pro-pilot
  6. And neither can "evidence" that is taken with a digital camera be trusted.

    Why? One word.


    Anyway, why do huggers make a bike unroadworthy? What do they do, or don't do that would be considered as faulty, flawed, dangerous or whatever?

    Or is it simply that they haven't been considered when ADRs are drawn up? If this is the case then it would apply to any modification that has been done to your vehicle, whether it be non-standard bodywork, different lights, etc..
  7. Does anyone know when those ADR's came into effect ??? Particularly interested in the change that added or did not add the 45 degrees to the rear. My gixxer is an 01 I doubt it had a big flap with a reflector hangin off it from stock. Plod seemed to think so....


  8. I'm pretty sure ADR applies to new vehicles, not modified standard vehicles. I think the rules your after are the Australian Vehicle Standards Rules.
  9. Applies to vehciles complianced post 1989.
  10. Hey Scotty :)

    The over zealous policing of our so called *dangerous* mudguards is why i still have a huge chunk of plastic hanging off the back of my bike :(
  11. Yeah, its a conspiracy :roll: :roll: :roll: Victoria Police have a whole department set up to doctor photos...... :roll: :roll: :roll:
  12. Surely you don't think speed cameras actually do anything? It's much cheaper to buy a couple of copies of photoshop.... 8-[

    Now excuse me while I adjust my tin-foil hat. :tantrum:
  13. scooterluvsbeer,

    Welcome ot the netrider.

    Got pics?
    Am wondering, are you talking about a mud guard eliminator,
    or a rear tyre hugger?
    As this Honda has a rear tyre hugger fitted from factory.

  14. Sorry this might be a little off-topic... but is there any regulation which prevents a dealer (not private) selling an unroadworthy bike?

    Ie one with a fender eliminator fitted?
  15. Yes, that would be the legislation in the state covering Road Worthy or saftey certificates for motor vehicles.
    Which states that it is illegal to sell a registered vehicle that does not have a current valid saftey certificate.

  16. That's not what I said.....does anyone seriously think that they doctor photos....sheesh....gimme a break and pass the tin-foil hat.

    Do camera's work, as revenue raisers, sure I believe that. If they were mean't to curb the road toll we'de see them at more black spots rather than dead straight pieces of road. I read a report tonight that stated studies have been conducted comparring cameras against that corrugated paint on the edge of the road (audible line marking) and they've found the audible line marking had more of an impact on the number of accidents in an are. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. I was agreeing with you.... but being sarcastic....
    Too many layers of sarcasm :tantrum:
  18. :LOL: :?: :( :cool: :LOL: :grin:
    LOL no probs dude. :beer: Subtle doens't work with me ](*,) Lol
  19. I remember my dad telling me about some ancient road rule about tyres needing a mud guard because without one they can throw rocks etc up dangerously in the air - maybe this police officer was enforcing that rule regarding the fender eliminator???