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[QLD] Dayboro to Mapleton via Kenilworth, Sun Jul 22nd

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Muttly

    Meet Time: 8:45am (for 9:00am start)

    Meet Place: Swimming Pool parking lot at Dayboro

    Highlights: Mt Mee, Obi Obi Road, Mapleton Hotel, Peachester Road and some great roads in between.

    I think this will be our best ride yet.

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  2. i knew it.....i just knew it......didn't i say it BM......

    sorry mutts and everyone......i'm gunna miss this one......

    :shock: :mad: :p :cry: :cry: :cry:
  3. I'm there. Wish I could have come along on the scouting tour. Might go take a sneek peek this week since I am on holidays.

    Looking forward to the next ride.
  4. now there's an idea.....i'm available til thursday!
  5. Why is that Kezza? :(

    It's worth a look Righty...It's seems the further North you go, the better the roads get. There was one section of road where I just could not believe how smooth it was. Even on the Mothership you still appreciate a good road surface. :grin:

    Black Magic
  6. unfortunately, i'll be off the bike for at least a week at that stage......docs are gettin their hands on me...... :?

    but it will be all good....nuthin serious......
  7. sounds like a good run! i know a couple of the roads there. well remember them vaguely :p Grandfather lives up in peachester and i thought on the way there and back that the roads looked nice to ride on :cool:

    I originally said i would try to go on every 2nd one as sundays are my day with my boy. this one looks fun though! so will see what i can do.
  8. Yes Kerrie- you told me!

    Damn that you will miss another ride.

    But I sure aint missing this one! Yay!!! I can't wait! :grin:
    Thanks for a northside run guys..... oh, and I am STILL scared of Obi Obi! :shock:
  9. Well then I think you should do it BM because it's not scary...it's just fun.

    I can imagine if you were on the back of a bike going too fast through there it could be scary but I guarantee you''ll love it. :grin:
  10. Well, is anyone else available for a sneek peek at this one? I have a new toy in the works and will hopefully have it by the end of the week if all goes to plan. Maybe a mid week tour could be on Kez? I'm sure that crazy Trex dude would be up for it :grin:
  11. Only at night..... making a mad road even crazier.

    Not that this has ever stopped me.....
  12. i'll know later today what day (if any) i can get the bike serviced. i'll aim for gettin it done tomorrow which would make wednesday the day for me.....

    i'll let you know later.....

  13. I'll be there
  14. dun dun dun dah dah

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  15. Ahhaha :LOL: sorry, I may also be coming... I now have the Jackson 5 sync dancing in my head... back when michael was black...
  16. Yeh yesterday was my first time on Obi Obi, and I didn't realise that it was a split road with no oncoming traffic so I was babying it up that hill...
    but it sure is fun!

    It really is as though there is a proportional relationship between distance from brisbane and smoothness of road surface (and come to think of it, there was very little debris).

    Let's hope the god's of weather leave us be!

  17. WOW!! does that mean I can stop carrying 20 kilo's of tyre repair kits?
  18. no because the moment you didn't have it you would need it!!!
  19. this is me... that would be moment times THREE!!!
  20. ok, well the only day this week i can do a run myself would be tomorrow - but the forecast is for rain, and lots of it....which means that my flu will resurface and my plans for this weekend would be history........


    looks like obi obi joins lions in my new ride goals list!