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[QLD] Dayboro Pub ride for lunch, Sun May 20th

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, May 12, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Wendy Warner

    Date: 20th May 2007
    Meet: BP Albany Creek
    Time: 11am

    Hey guys.
    We are planning a short scoot from the BP at Albany Creek out along Winn Rd to Dayboro Pub for lunch on Sunday May 20th.
    Anyone interested please post up so I can book a table out on...

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  2. Sounds pretty good to me.... but not sure if i'll be playing with the camchain or not...

    I thought this was meant to be this sunday?
  3. hey is this tomorrow? or next week? or both?

    i thought tomorrow was an afternoon tea run?

    but hey, i can do both......

    as for tomorrow - well, i still have to do the dutiful daughter thing and give my mum her mother's day pressie (didn't get time this morning and got a bit told off for it too :oops: ). but, i am not sure when she'll actually BE home tomorrow.....

    and i have a bike to inspect tomorrow morning too.....
  4. This one is next week guys.
    Tomorrow is just a run to test out the deck and the lemon lime and bitters! :wink:
    I will give you both a call in the arvo and see if you are free tomorrow.
  5. ah cool.....

    recce run.....goodie
  6. Ill be up for the pub lunch ride next week :grin:
  7. yay, good one.....now that means we'll have to decide on a meet point!
  8. Cool! We would love to meet you.
    Meeting point BP Albany Creek kezza- 11am.
  9. Argh. Now im confused. I thought our recce run was 11am today... lunch at dayboro....

    I guess I misunderstood.
  10. think i caused the confusion ss.....sorry......and now i can't ride today anyway......certain email arrived from certain senior citizen reminding me of my family responsibilities - with broad hint that grandson would also be required to attend certain said senior citizen's house later today.....i can't pillion him therefore my plan to ride there, drop off pressie and depart quickly has been converted into cage visit....


    next week - 11am albany creek bp 11am - i'm there!

    (hey and i might even feel i can get there under my own steam!!!! woo hoo. all those who've done collection duty over last few months just might be able to breathe a sigh of relief at last!)
  11. Oh, I have a new respect for poor Muttly now! :roll: :LOL:

    Ride is next Sunday meeting at BP Albany Creek.
    May have to make it 12pm at meeting point as i forgot that I have volunteered my fundraising efforts for the RSPCA Million Paws Walk from 9-10am next Sunday.

    Does 12pm at BP suit everyone?
    Hopefully we will get more takers than this! :shock:
    I was thinking that it only a short ride but sitting at the pub will be a nice time to socialise. :)
  12. 12pm is fine with me......and even if we don't get too many more, there's likely to be others at the pub there anyway. lots of groups meet there.....
  13. sweet works for me :grin:
  14. Think this is a job for the half cage......

    If anyone has kids or bad pillions chuck them in my car instead. I'll go TEC :D
  15. kid-free weekend for me...... :)
  16. They all are since the "chicken boning" incident. You just keep telling yourself that it was chicken.

    And yes, there was something in that curry.

  17. i think the thought of the train is gettin to you s_s........curry? what curry?

    thank goodness i didn't eat the chilli!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Hey everyone....

    Can i please have a head count for Sunday so we know who is joining us.... wouldn't want to leave anyone waiting at the servo.
  19. several factors have to happen before i can come...

    1: the stars have to align. :wink: its purdy....
    2: i need to check t see if i can get the bike
    3: a pint of unicons blood. Tastes like rasperry vodka and is cheaper than petrol at teh moment :p
    4: lift to get the bike.
    5: cash... :roll: the hardest one of them all...

    ahh we will see i will raid my savings tin... :wink:
  20. Have you got a decent excuse ward or just that wussey stuff? :LOL: