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(QLD) Cunninghams Gap, Cunningham Highway

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Benny Boy, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. This road is a popular connection between Brisbane and the New England Highway.
    Most people around the area know about the road works happening on the Brisbane side of the gap.

    I was hiking in the area around lunch time today when we heard a what sounded like an explosion. On the way back to Ipswich i managed to get this image.

    This rock meant there were longer than normal delays. Not sure when this will be fixed up, but thankfully it didn't close off the road for the whole day.

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  2. They close the road when blasting. Those shipping containers full of rock are supposed to contain anything like that. Looks like they are doing the job!!

    When I was living in warwick, I was heading to brisbane one weekend and got caught on the gap by a rock about double that size which had fallen right on the middle of the road!
  3. Yeah, i know about the containers, i just thought due to the road conditons that this would be the best place to show this pic.

    Talking to one of the wokers at the top of the road i got the impression the rock fell rather than being blasted.
  4. i go up there all the time for work....
    yeah they have no reason to blast the mountain any more than they have, they're working on rebuilding the downhill section now
  5. I must admit, I like that photo though. That rock has done some serious damage to that container. Imagine if that fell onto a car or truck.