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[QLD] Covert speed cameras contributing to saving lives?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by John_M, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Here's one this arvo at 5:30pm on Old Cleveland Road (inbound) at Carina (Brisbane in a 60 kph zone):



    The draft National Road safety Strategy has a big emphasis on speed and its enforcement. The placement of this camera begs the questions:
    1. Is it contributing directly to saving lives being placed in this location during peak hour? (i.e. Is this a known black spot?)
    2. Is it contributing indirectly to reducing the road toll being placed in this location (during peak hour)?
    3. If the answer to either of these first 2 questions is 'yes', then how effective is this measure generally when compared to:
    a) Placement at known black spots at high risk times of the day?
    b) Having the police officer who is sitting inside actually driving a marked police vehicle rather than a covert parked vehicle?

    So can we expect many more of these as well as point-to-point systems as the state and federal governments emphasise speed as the main solution? I am sure all these questions have been asked before, and the answers from many respondents will be that the focus appears to be revenue raising. What do you think?
  2. I thought the mobile speed camera operating manual required there to be clear space around the camera due to reflection issues? That set up looks totally bogus.
  3. Also thought they had to have someone in the car manning the camera. That car looks empty to me, so maybe it's just parked for the night outside their house (though be pretty stupid to leave the camera on your car and let everyone know that's what you do for a living).
  4. Nice find.
  5. I spotted a speed camera the other day in QLD, the cop must have just set it up and was taking photo's of the setup. I guess they do this so If questioned in court they have some evidence. My guess is that its correctly setup according to qld specifications, but I am far from an expert in this area.
  6. Looks like enough space between the VW and the Golf for a bike to fit in?
  7. Its definitely an active unit. I know because the not-so-happy police officer who was sitting in the car jumped out of the vehicle and took a photo of me.....

    At that moment I took a photo of him taking one of me and he told me I'd be arrested if I obstructed police work.

    So I walked over to him and told him I was a member of TMR's Road Safety Advisory Committee and that as the the new draft National Road Safety Strategy was focussing so much on speed, I was concerned about placement of speed cameras and public perception of this being revenue raising. He told me to go and tell them then. I walked away. I think he may have also recorded my rego number.

    If you look closely at the second photo of the vehicle, you can see the back of a head in the rear window (above the right rear lights).
  8. they stopped fooling the free-thinking public LONG ago. only those who believe elvis is still alive actually agree that these fund-raising devices really do save lives.
    but to answer the questions:
    1) no. the original notion that people would slow down to avoid paying a fine was flawed, because travelling above the posted speed limit has never ever EVER been the sole cause of an accident ANYWHERE IN THE COUNTRY.
    think i'm wrong? prove it!

    2) no. it's there solely to catch as many speeding motorists as possible, thus increasing revenue, justifying it's existence

    3a) black-spots do not actually exist. a location 'notorious for crashes' of any severity is simply a location where too fkn many useless people congregate to exchange paint and insurance details

  9. How would he make the link between you taking photo's and obstructing police work, i'd have made a speed camera ahead sign if possible and placed it a few hundred metres up the road, thats a good kind of obstructing
  10. informing people of police presence can't be construed as obstruction no matter how bad a day the cop is having
  11. is it just me or does anyone else find that 3rd photo hilarious? taking a picture of a cop taking a picture of you..
  12. Ahh yes, I see them now. All the camera's I've seen they've always been sitting up front.

    I remember a while back some expose on speed camera operators that had been photographed/filmed watching portable TVs/DVD players or reading a book instead of monitoring the equipment. Might explain why he was so touchy about being photographed, he might have been doing a Nick Riewoldt in the back seat when you disturbed him (try getting that mental picture out of your head now mwahahaha).
  13. How does that go to save lives when being only 3km above the vanishing point of speed, you are rendered momentarily blind by the flash going off in your face causing you to go 3km over the vanishing point???? haha Cops and lawmakers are STUPID!!!!
  14. Did you ask him to pose slack-jawed or is that his natural state?

    Can someone photochop his rego to 'REV & U' please?
  15. I believe you can be fined for telling people there is a speed camera in use. Like flashing your lights at oncoming cars.
    I know because my auntie was fined for it. She was going to fight it but was told by a mud dweller she would lose first up.
    And with all the things we sth Easters have been through in the last week. Why isn't the prick out there with a broom and shovel doing the PUBLIC some good.
    Send the pic to the Herald. Name and shame is the only way we are going to see an end to this kind of totalitarianism.
  16. I like the suggestion on the last page. Leave a sign saying "police speed check ahead". Are they going to fine the cardboard?

    As for flashing for warning of speed traps, what did they charge her with? I know they can fine for not dipping high beams when theres oncoming motorists.
  17. Bretto61 the pictures were taken sometime on or before the 23rd of December last year.
  18. There are a slew of MUARC reports linking linking road toll reductions with reductions in speed which have been linked to speed camera enforcement. The addiction is well entrenched.

    One particular report clearly said that the reduction in road toll in Victoria was almost exclusively down to seat belts, RBT and Cameras - and then it argued that the reduction you'd expect from better car safety features weren't being obtained due to driver distraction and inappropriate road use... I will have to see if I can find it again.
  19. Yeah, ^^ I don't think they can directly fine for warning of police presence here in SA either, but instead they get you for "using your high beams to dazzle oncoming traffic". Hilarious but true, my boss was done for it.
  20. You need to remember who provides most of the funding for MUARC though [-(