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QLD Covert bikes - anyone recognise the intruments?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, Nov 19, 2010.

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  2. Looks like a triumph dash i think, ST or GT Sprint...
  3. Farken ridiculous. So if this plod comes up behind me and don't know who he is. MMM looks mad and angry to me. Why is he so close. What did I do to him. What is his problem. I am scared for my life and riding out of here.
    It's all just blantant revenue raising. They don't give a toss about you or the road toll.
    In a fair world they would all get front tire blow out at over 100knkp/h. Public servants my ass. Public parasites.
    I respect the law. I do not respect covert tactics on the general pulic from people who are meant to serve us.
  4. I ride in QLD and honestly this video doesnt show anything "bad"
    There is no entrapment there was no threat to the motorcyclist in question, nobody "forced" him to ride the way he did.
    Sure we hope that the Holden got pinged for speeding as well!

    I have however experienced covert cars tailgating motorcyclists and that really sucks (around Mt G)
  5. My point is would he have done 73 in a 60 if that was a marked bike or car. No he would not. So a marked car will do more to lower someone speeding than any camera will.
  6. I agree, it's a Triumph Sprint dash, not sure if ST or GT.
  7. bretto:
    To me what you are saying is:
    if there is plod around openly, people wont speed
    if there is no plod, people will speed

    you cant have plod everywhere, therefore people will speed
    fact is we have laws, we have punishments if said laws are broken
    I dont undertsand how people can complain about being punished if they break a law (especially when they are fully aware of the law and said consequences)

    Sure a marked car will slow down traffic within its locus of control
    but that has no effect outside this area
    The obvious intent (apart from the valid points about revenue raisign) of covert vehicles and cameras is to increase the area effect - to provide a reason for motorists to stick within legal limits - even if it is only due to fear of punishment

    Sure there is a lot of discussion around the way the laws are enforced (and certainly there are some valid points about revenue raising, discretion, safety, entrapment and being booked for being only 5 km over the limit) but surely this gets to a point where people are complaining because they broke the law and are being held accountable...
  8. Nah it's more they way they go about it.
    If I get nicked by a plod on the road, well no worries. I take it on the chin.
    I had a speeding ticket in 05 and before that was 1981. I do speed but very very selectively.
    I guess the point I am trying to get across, yes in a rather bad way is my civil rights and liberties.
    When a Gov starts using covert tactics and spying on those who voted them in.... I call it tyranny.
    It seems like every day we lose more and more rights. More and more freedom. Pay more and more for less. Yet every year these polies give themselves another 3 to 5% pay rise.
  9. Agreed...

    but laws are made for the lowest common denominator...

    so those of us that arent, we suffer

    I think it is that or selective genocide
  10. Bretto61 your right to break laws hasn't been taken away. You can still do this. However, as always, you may be punished for it, this hasn't changed either. I don't think there is an issue here, unmarked police cars/bikes aren't a new thing and they won't punish you if you abide by the road laws. There's always track days for those that desire a little more excitement.
    Also by your speeding convictions or lack there of, I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  11. Long time reader, first time poster here. (Hi guys! (and girls!))

    I recognise that road.

    Its the Nerang-Murwillumbah road SE-Queensland just past the cafe. (Good burgers when you been hiking for a few days.)


    That whole area is one giant demerit point trap. Its where the police hang out when they want to go for a nice scenic drive and pull in some super easy revenue.

    But its should not be to hard to spot this setup.
    No bike out there drives the speed limit. So if you see one...
  12. Trumpy eh. Looking in the mirrors its either a white bike, or the rider is wearing white. There is another video there of a different bike catching a guy texting on his phone. I can see the vids through my clients network, but will post it up when I get home.
  13. Sprint ST I'd reckon... The panniers & top box would have me wary of it long before I got close enough to see the make & model though.

    Reading the bs rhetoric on the facebook pages is pissing me off, if the riders actions were so life threatening to him & his female pillion, why wasn't re pulled over immediately when he pulled in front of the copper over double white lines while speeding & dealt with?


  14. Looking at the other vid, its seems that these guys dont actually pull people over. They appear to call in someone else to do that part for them.
  15. So, they'll watch you doing "life threatening" things, & leave you to it, till your finished, then fine you for it?


    That's stupid.
  16. Pretty sure the white is a blk and white Joe rocket jacket sleeve you can see. but I am always wrong LOL
    Also pretty sure these guys did not get the road officially till may. Next time I see Doc I will ask. I do know they are not all white as the one I have seen was Maroon with a black top box only. It was only the stubby little 100mmm arial that gave it away. The police train next to us at Mnt Cotten.
    I would say this is a video for the police to give the powers that be to get the funds to obtain the bikes. To approve what they are doing.
  17. Lol, I could not tell from those vids what colour they are. Was only a wild guess from looking at the mirror.

    This is the other bike:
    You can actually see the instruments without playing the video.
  18. The bike is a dark grey sprint st, with the lower fairings, having 2 small, blacked out lights until turned on. they have 2 small lights that look like spot lights just under the mirrors also blacked out There is a lot of radio equipment just out side the video view, the small antenna is a give away, the police helmet stands out.
    But if your that close to notice it, and in the wrong you probly already been reported.

    I agree that covert bikes should be used, but it shouldnt be a resource only for blitzing bikes, as the video shows and have seen in real life the guys will target cars just as often.

    By having various bikes in covert it may also raise the awareness of other riders to the general public.
  19. When was your last track day? I'm guessing never. In Sydney you have to book months in advance to get an hour on the track out of a full day. I enjoy it but spending 4-5 hours a year on the track is certainly not enough to 'get it out of my system'.

  20. Dont have to wait months these days, theres slots available 3rd december for all classes and also all available for 4th dec, 3rd $199, 4th $229