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[QLD] Coffee Meet, Monthly

Discussion in 'QLD' started by carolf_au, Jan 6, 2008.


    Sunday ride 13th April, 2008 heading south

    Leaving 9.00am BP Travel Centre Yatala

    Riding down to Natural Arch, to Murwillumbah and then to the

    MOO MOO CAFE at Mooball for a Giant Moo Moo Burger!!!!!

    See end of this thread for more details!!
  2. Don't believe it did someone get down on their knees in front of a moderator or what. A NEW POST FOR A NEW RIDE. UNNNNNNNNNNNNBELIEVABLE :cool:
  3. i would really love to do this one....or even meet you guys near esk which is close to where my property is.....but unfortunately i am gunna have to say nay (yet again).......sad news for me is that my partner paul was admitted to hospital on monday and we found out yesterday that he had a small stroke. he is on the mend thankfully but i'm just taking life day-by-day just now.........

    have fun guys......

    (and sorry bout the mod thing - i've kinda bin distracted from nr ya know? - hope everyone understands)

  4. Hope everything turns out for the best Kezza01 & he has a speedy recovery.
  5. Re: [QLD] Coffee Club Meet, Monthly

    Do u mean if it is bad Carol that you are not going on the ride and that u will meet everyone @ the coffee club????????
  6. Re: [QLD] Coffee Club Meet, Monthly

    I'm keen to do this one, but am working until 1 AM Sunday morning. I guess I'll see how I feel after some sleep and take it from there.
  7. I will be finishing work at 2am but should still be able to come along
  8. Will have to miss this one, we are having realestate agents come to appraise the house, maybe next time :(

    Kooler, Flying, you will have to go without us.
  9. Hey Carol, thanks for a great ride, even if it was hijacked at Esk.. lol :p

    It was a great day and a great first group ride for me. I look forward to the next one.

  10. So its pissin down rain, Bruce Springsteen singing Born to Run in my ears as I pass Bung, Lost and Flyin and some dork in a doof doof as I hit the bottom corner a touch short of 200. So the front wheel starts to slide, the back wheel starts to slide, mates long gone telling me to stand it up before I'm in the weeds as I settle it down to kick back once more. At home the trip meter is richer by 500 or so kays and me thinks the day is still a puppy, so showered and shaved its off to see a band for a bit of dancing and a bit of?????????. :roll: Now home again me thinks youth is truly wasted on the young, and money has nothing to do with being wealthy. Just can't wait till I start getting old. Still feel like I have just borrowed the old mans car to go to the drivein with a lady of lesser values than myself wub.gif So Netriders and QMRF bring on the next one, and look out, for me's a coming. A bloody most excellent day :cool:
  11. :!: Happy new year to everyone. Had been following this thread but couldn't get there. Great to see the positive post ride posts :p How many made the ride :?: Looks like you had a blinder there kooler, big day @ 500 :cool: Anyway, hope to make coffee or ride soon :grin:
  12. Great day out thanks

  13. :shock: OMG was that Sunday :?: Thats huge :grin:
  14. Thanks again Carol :biker: Here's a joke :grin:

    What does a publican do when someone rings him up and tells him that 40 hungry people are coming on bikes :moped: :beer: :moped:

    Laughs it off :) and thinks it is a practical joke :grin: he got a shock when we all turned up O:) but boy did he look after us :)
  15. Thanks Carol for a great day even though it was kinda Hijacked but it still turned out a great ride none the least. I worked out how many Kms i did for the day & it worked out 2 be 380km's.
  16. Bloody lot of smiling faces eh :cool:
  17. Hey Kooler was that a hydration pack that u were wearing on Sunday????
  18. [​IMG]

    Big thanks to Carol. A huge day with like 30 people. The ride was swamped with all the riders from QMRF but it was great to see such a turnout

  19. Mate was one of them Camel back jobs I got from K Mart for $30. Great bit of gear when theirs a bit of travel to do, and its got one of those Bite end bits on so all you have to do is bite on the end to open the flow thingy to let the juice out. Bloody great bit of gear on a warm day and you don't even know its their. you can get them complete in jackets now if you look around. I know they have them in Larence Drive in Nerang in the joint up from the Motorcycle tyre place :cool:

  20. Thanks for that i'll have a lookse on the w/end.