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[QLD] Coffee Club Meet, Sun Nov 18th

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. Added to Calendar by: Carol Featherstonhaugh

    Come meet some fellow Netriders for a Sunday Afternoon wind-down at

    The Coffee Club Springfield
    Orion Springfield Town Centre
    Main Street, Springfield.

    Street parking out the front, undercover parking accessed from South entrance, near the bus ...

    ... more

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  2. D'oh! Carol, you forgot to put the time in. IIRC, it's from 3pm to 5pm, correct?

    As said, we'll be there if our bums aren't too sore. :grin:
  3. Yeh, I didn't put the time in the THIRD time I typed it up, because I got the security word wrong.

    But I've had a busy week, really looking forward to a couple of hours on Sunday Arvo, drinking coffee in the sun.

    Join us at 3pm, the Coffee Club are looking forward to a busier than usual Sunday trade...
  4. Are you still going to be there if it's raining ie: drive there instead of ride?
  5. the weather seems to have lifted a bit if it looks like this tomorrow ill be there (looking for an excuse to go for a ride!!)
  6. Yes, rain hail in the car, shine on the bikes!
  7. The viffer hasn't been started since the pink ribbon ride :cry: so I'm looking for an excuse to take the cover off and take her out :cool: Will post tomorrow after lunch :grin: Trust the Latte's are good :p
  8. It's Coffee Club, so the coffee should be good, if not we have a back-up or two (Merlo's and Toscanis)

    Weather looking good at the moment!
  9. Back from Imbil early so looks like we'll come out to say hello. Don't think we'll be on the bike though...
  10. Would like to come but once again work gets in the road. Start at 4pm now so no chance to make it back

    Hope it turns out good for you guys though and I'll catch up with you some time I hope
  11. I should be comming too
  12. Unable to make it guys.
  13. Thanks for turning up! It was nice to sit back, drink some good coffee and get to know you all a bit better!!

    We'll aim for the next one 20 January 2007, and we can make it the 3rd Sunday of the month next year, maybe include a ride out to Esk/ Toowoomba/Cunninghams Gap - I'm open to suggestions!!

    Enjoy the Christmas Party at Cookeetrees, I'll be thinking of you when I'm on the Ipswich Toy Run! :grin:
  14. Yup, thanks for organizing this Carol. Was good to put faces to names (although I've already forgotten names :( ), and well, just chill out. In the Queensland summer. But hey, it was cloudy and stuff. I even got the groceries, AND got them home. Although the cereal box didn't come out quite so good... hey lbfalcon? :)

    Hopefully will make it to the next one!
  15. Thanks for organising this, Carol. Was good to catch up with everyone who turned up. Look forward to the next one. :grin:
  16. Lol.....the box was looking really squashed when you put it in. Did anything else get crushed
  17. No, surprisingly everything else made it home in one piece. Even the vegetables looked alright :)
  18. thanks from me too had a good time ,it was great to meet all of you and talk bike stuff!!

    will definatly be at the next one :grin:
  19. Hi Guys, sorry I didn't make it. :oops: Looks like it was my loss. Great to see it went so well Carol. :grin: I am at Middle Park so the CC at Orion is just a short ride down the Centenary Hwy for me. Hope to catch up for the next one. Would you believe I still haven't been over to check out the shopping centre yet. :eek: Would probably be keen to get over a have coffee at any stage, if any one else is inclined (before the next scheduled January meet I mean). :cool:
  20. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves!!

    20 January for the nexy one, we'll try and plan an early ride so give me some suggestions!!

    thbigd, PM me if you have a week-day spare - I need a ride buddy!
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