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qld chicky.. new to the forum

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by deedee, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. hi there, im dee
    im hoping to get my bike license this year..
    i live on the northside of brisbane

    just thought id say hi...
    so hi everyone!
  2. Hiya Dee, welcome to NR! :grin:

    Now, hurry up and git your licence so you can reeeelly have some fun! :p
    ... instead of reading about it on here! :wink:
  3. Hello Dee!

    Yup, when you get your license, you'll be wondering why in the hell you didn't get it earlier!

  4. yeah i cant wait!...

    just finding time and someone to teach me who wont think im completely gumby when learning...

    ive been a pillion for too long and im ready to branch out by myself..

    thanks for the hi's x
  5. Hey Dee

    Kick ass and get your licence - your missin' all the fun!
  6. why is it when a woman introduces herself to NR, theres like a million posts made in 4 seconds :LOL: :LOL: :grin:

    BTW, welcome to NR DEE, got a pic of youself? phone number? bust size :grin:
  7. LOL.... cheeky much?

    i do have all of those things.. but thats for me to knw and you to find out..

    im 25 so still young.
  8. Look goz! She's closer to my age!

    Anyhoo deedee, don't worry about people thinking you're gumby when you're learning. The L plate somehow instills an understanding in the people that see you do stupid shit. We all do it. But yes, having someone ride with you is a great confidence booster.
  9. Hey Dee

    just ring one of the HART training centres

    Have a go, you will have a lot of fun
  10. good timing too, id much rather learn in the qld winter, rather than qld summer
  11. lol bit hard to find out as your in qld and im in nsw, otherwise i would find out :grin: :grin: :grin:

    and yes im shit stirring :)
  12. ive got a ripper reply for this post but i'll shut my mouth for this 1 :grin:
  13. Sh$t got me a beauty Goz
  14. i have been buying bike mags for a long time, reading heaps, learning frm other riders i know,and then theres the fact im a chick with interests in bikes and motorsports etc,male me feel isolated.. so alas here i am on the net. looking for like minded peoples!

    already have all my own quality kit.
    just need a bike .. ( and a man LOL)

    also have to agree bout qld summer eewww hate it!!...
  15. now why would u want a man for, men prefer you find a woMAN :grin:

    did i say welcome to netrider?
  16. LOL i dnt want a woman... i want a man and a bike..
    that to much to ask LOL
  17. lol ok ok

    now let dr goz help you

    why cant you find a man? PLEASE EXPLAIN..<---thought you would feel at home with that saying
  18. Hey Dee

    Kick ass and get your licence - your missin' all the fun!
  19. Maybe she's picky?