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[QLD] Brisbane West-siders: Fernvale?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by demuire, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Every once in awhile I hear someone mention going for a ride up to Fernvale. Looking at the map, there are 2 obvious "fun" ways to get there (from Ipswich) - up along Pine Mountain Road onto the freeway onto Fernvale, and along Lake Manchester Road.

    However, tried to go along Lake Manchester Road yesterday, and it appears that it turns to dirt about halfway there (or at least, there is a sign that says it will). I'm guessing then that the only "fun" way to get there would be along Pine Mountain Road? If that's the case, why go all the way to Fernvale? Is there more I'm missing?
  2. Just go over Mt. Nebo and Mt. Glorious for the other fun way to get to Fernvale.
  3. hi Bluplet :)

    I keep seeing familiar names :D
  4. Blueplet: Ta for that. Have been over Nebo and Glorious numerous times in the cage (though haven't been over on the bike yet). But umm... Why Fernvale? To make it become a loop? Everytime I've been over Nebo and Glorious I've turned around at the T-junction and gone back over the mountains again...

    What's the road from Fernvale to Lake Manchester like? Is it dirt all the way as well? Kholo Road?

    Any other good rides that are maybe about 30-50km from Ipswich?
  5. Hi Tanya! :p

    Well, the deal with going to Fernvale I suppose is to include some sweepers in the ride if you're going over Nebo + Glorious and don't want to go all the way to Somerset/Kilcoy for them. Is a bit of a shorter ride that way which may suit some people better.
  6. Went up Kholo Road today, nice road apart from some dodgy surface. Got to Lake Manchester Road, but it's all gravel, so turned around and went home. Next roadtrip out to Fernvale itself, I think.