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[QLD] Brisbane to Maleny Ride, Sun Feb 25th

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Greg

    Heading to Maleny via Mt Glorious and Mt Mee.

    Start: 10:30am
    Where: Pro Honda Carpark (1644 Ipswich Road, Rocklea)

    Anyone on the Northside who wants to meet up along the way, let me know and we'll work out a time.

    I'm going to be going two up...

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  2. at this stage - I'm there.........

    we'll work out the meet point and time later.......i'm thinkin dayboro or samford......

    (or my place then on from there.....)
  3. Sounds like fun, I went out to Mt Mee last weekend, nice ride. I'd be like Kezza and meet up along the route somewhere on the Northside.

    What's the plan when you get to Maleny, lunch or something, or just doing a round trip?
  4. Sounds great! I'm in!

    I'm also on the Northside - Let me know the meeting place for the Northsiders.

    Also, how long do you think the ride will take??? I've gotta work that night :cry:

  5. I'm in! Sounds great. Could meet you at Dayboro or Samford as well.
    Katbird is also keen to come.
    Let us know a time and place.
  6. well as i see it there's a couple of options for us northsiders:

    a) we meet the rest at dayboro at relevant time
    b) we meet the rest at samford at relevant time
    c) we meet somewhere relatively central to us all and ride to dayboro or samford together

    i'm more than happy to offer my place as the common meet point for option (c) - i am in kallangur - ..... if this is ok then i can pm my address......(and it would help make me get out of my own driveway - i'm getting better but nerves could still kick in :shock:)

    otherwise, maybe somewhere in kallangur or petrie - depending on where we all are coming from. possibly old petrie town?

    but if you have other suggestions, let me know.

    as for people's other questions? we'll have to see what muttly says.....

  7. What time are we leavin? :?

    Kezza BM and I could meet at your place and meet others at Dayboror pool on road to Mt Mee. :)
  8. sounds good to me.

    muttly's original proposal was that he would be leaving the southside about 10.30. i don't know how long it would take him to get to dayboro from rocklea......

    i'm happy with leaving my place about 10.30 which means we'd probly make dayboro for enuff time for a coffee......or snack......or something......while we wait for the southside crew to catch up to us....
  9. From Rocklea maybe an hour at that time of day. Meet you at 10.30 at your place. Can be at Dayboro easily by 11. :grin:
  10. Questions! Questions! Now I have to think :shock:

    It will probably take us a couple of hours to get to Dayboro (including time for a ciggie and/or cup of coffee on top of Mt Glorious) so we could meet you at the on Mt Mee road at 12:30pm (providing we get away at 10:30, but seeing as at the moment it's only me going from the southside, I would only have myself to blame if we don't).

    From Dayboro it would probably be another hour to Maleny. Once at Maleny there's a couple of options:

    (a) We head to Mary Cairncross park and have coffee and cheesecake at the coffee shop and enjoy the vista over the Glass House Mountains; or

    (b) We head to the Mapleton hotel (about another 1/2 hour) where all the other riders head for lunch and have some lunch there.

    I'm easy either way, so what's the popular concensus?

    That would mean:

    Rocklea 10:30am
    Mt Glorious 11:45pm
    Dayboro 12:30pm
    Maleny 1:30pm
    Mapleton 2:00pm

    Of course if it's only me coming from the southside I could leave at 9:30am and move the times ahead an hour.

    ps. The wife has decided (or rather the wife's work has decided) that she will be heading off to Utah on Saturday so it looks like I'll be going solo.
  11. Move the time forward if you can don't want to ride in heat of day really.
  12. I'm cool with that :cool:

    That would mean:

    Rocklea 9:30am
    Mt Glorious 10:45pm
    Dayboro 11:30pm
    Maleny 12:30pm
    Mapleton 1:00pm

    If everybody's ok with that, I'll change the Ride schedule.
  13. Hey, no worries Muttly, glad you picked the northsiders to hang with for the day ;)

    You'll be right getting out the driveway Kezza :p. I'll drop by your house firstly though since you're so kindly offering. The new time frame sounds fine with me, that would be leaving Kezza's at around 10:30ish?

    You still in Tim?
  14. Ok Kezza's at 10.30 for me. Address Kezza?
  15. anyone on the northside who wants to meet at my place, just pm me and i'll send my address..

    not puttin my home address on the internet, no way..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Yeah, I'm still in - sounds like I can get back home in time for work.

    Meeting @ Kezza's @ 10:30 sounds like the best solution to me...
  17. coooooooool

    sunday is soooooooo far away........ :(
  18. Muttly.... I'll meet you on the southside mate... I live at Red Hill but am planning on visiting a friend down that side of town in the morning...
    So... just to confirm, you are meeting at ProHonda Rocklea at 9:30am now?
  19. well if someone can loan me a bike I will come... :cry: OOOOOOOOoo unless someone can lend me a ute then i'll go as support ute!!!
  20. Kezza's at 10.30 for me too.
    looking forward to meeting anyone I don't already know.
    See you all then.
    Maybe a couple of us need to exchange mobile no's in case anyone is running late etc??