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[QLD] Brisbane to Kyogle Loop, Sun Mar 25th

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Muttly

    Date: 25 March 2007

    Meeting Point: McDonalds at Springwood.

    Time: 7:30am for 8:00am start

    Loop: Springwood - Rathdowney - Kyogle - Mt Tambourine.

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  2. What is the estimated time of ride.
  3. I did this ride wiv the Muttly on Sunday, awesome ride.

    Looong, but awesome.

    we went the other way, but after the run, decided that the direction as published would be best. esp when a nice man with a pub told us about a nice cool spot in the rainforest to enjoy one of his pub meals. :grin:

    Found a really nice road on the travels, the "Lions Road" twistyness in buckets :woot:

    How long?? depends on traffic, stops etc, but I'd guess 8:00 am start would miss some Sunday sightseers, and lunch would be around 13:00-14:00.
    Longer if it was as hot as yesterday...... I think I saute'd my brain in it's own juices.

  4. Where is the lunch stop at?
  5. aw gee and i'm gunna miss this one too...... :?

    but then, mutts did tell me the route and i'm not sure i'd be too good with it yet...... :?

    and canada looks soooo much better......

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  6. Count me in!
  7. You have to be careful on Lions Road. Cages.. On a previous trip in my cage (inlaws live there) returning back from Kyogle I amost had two two wheel hood audaments and I was standing still 50m back from the corner (had a gut feeling) my dunnydore parted two bikes., Luckily with no incidents. The corners are blind both ways. Lovely Road with lots and lots of twisties.

    I'm up for it. The saddle is not to bad now, that I have a bit of sheepish pleasure. I survived the maleney trip OK. All bits in tack. :eek:
  8. The Route

    Ok...here's a bit more information...

    1st Leg: Springwood to Rathdowney (90km - 8:00am - 9:30am)

    2nd Leg: Rathdowney to Kyogle (70km - 9:30am - 11:00am)

    3rd Leg: Kyogle to Murwillumbah (70Km - 11:00am - 12:15pm)

    4th Leg: Murwillumbah to North Tamborine (90km - 12:15pm to 1:30pm)

    5th Leg: North Tamborine to Home (choose your own way home through oxenford, tamborine village, gold coast, etc)

    Times are from whereis but I've added 20-30 min for people to refuel, stretch their legs, have a smoke :grin: etc (mind you...if you can maintain an average speed of 60km/hr along the Lions Road between Rathdowney and Kyogle good luck to you...btw that isn't a challenge)

    I'm working on a PDF with maps, directions and fuel stops which I'll email to anyone interested.
  9. nice sounding ride.....you'll have to do it again another time - just for me....

  10. The Rules

  11. sounds like an awesome fun ride... love to take my lil 250 for it... will have to organise with gf for time to do it though... will get back to you asap to let ya know :) might be able to pull a cnother guy or 2 for a ride as well...
  12. The Rest

    We've planned lunch at "The Governor's Inn" at Eagle Heights. The proprietor is a bike rider (he rides a Hyabusa) and from past experience he's tried to encourage bike riders to the inn and to the Nature Walk Cafe which he also runs.

    As Iffracem said we were originally going to run this route in the opposite direction but this guy was just so keen on getting us there for lunch that we decided to do the trip in reverse. He said that on Sunday's there's an all day roast and there's a big table in the back corner of the beer garden (in the rainforest next to the creek).

    Don't know what the food is like, but there's one way to find out.
  13. awww gee, now i almost could give up canada........ :?

  14. Are girl's welcome??
    I am not sure whether my skill level is up to this ride- any input from you guys that have ridden with me would be appreciated- feel free to say if you think it is beyond my capability at the moment. (Remember I have issues at 5'5 of touching the ground so if we have any parking areas that are dodgey I could possibly end up in the dirt! :cry: )
    Also, is anyone coming from the north side of Bris as I have no idea how to get to the meeting point. Anyone up for picking me up along the way?
    So, if the answer is 'yes' to all of the above, count me in!
    I will need the TEC to look after me this time! :)
  15. You should have no problems BM. A lot of it is like the northern mountains.
    Road is VERY bumpy in some places, but easily fixed, just ease off the right wrist :grin: unless you want some free chiropractic manipulation, courtesy of Queensland roads.

    We should swap the duties around a bit, I'll do some TEC stints, but would like to start off at number 2, just till we all get the hang of the corner marking thingumejig (technical term that)

    Apart from distance, I can't see anyone having any real trouble with the run, as long as you do it AT YOUR OWN PACE!!

  16. o_O ride? SWEET...

    >_< crap no bike....

    JJ talk to steve I need another Test ride.... But saturday day I will have to go over the bike to acertain the fueling issues and get the suspension set up....
  17. Can't commit to this just yet, bike goes in for service next week and if there's anything wrong they may need to keep it in the shop, also need to see how much work/study I have on the weekend.

    Will let everyone know next week, sounds like an awesome ride though.
  18. BM you ride fine I had trouble keeping up with you on the Maleney ride. Maybe you need to look on ebay for a pair of KISS's platform boots. :grin: :LOL: :grin: to help with the ground clearance.

    I would not of guessed you were 5"5.
  19. Thanks Fabes- very sweet of you! :)
    The KISS boots would be a good look huh? :LOL: :cool:
    I have actually considered getting my boots built up to give me some ground contact.
    I would love to go on the ride but so far no takers on helping me to get from the northside to the meeting point. :cry:
    I may be able to ride but my navigational skills are questionable to say the least :oops: :roll:
  20. chivarly less a horse :( .... well if I get the vfr for the day I will happily come and show you the way to the meeting point.