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[QLD][Brisbane Nth] Beginners Maintainance SAT 12 APRIL 2008

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by Dirty TRiX, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Want to know how to adjust your clutch? What a headstem bearing is and why you adjust it? How to get all the blue smoke back in the wiring that you just let out?

    If you've ever wanted to know these answers, or even wanted to know these questions but were too ashamed to ask, seek ye no further!

    These and many more questions *may* be answered (or may just be ignored).

    Come and scare my neighbors :D

    I've already got a few people coming over for some basic maintainance so if any others wish to come PM me and I'll hand out details.

    Disclaimer: Answers may be made up or at least wildly inaccurate. It was to keep the rabbits out son.

  2. I'd love to be able to make it Slow_suzi but unfortuantely I can't this weekend.

    This is something a few of us have been talking about for a while.

  3. am working :(

    would love to go though. will look out for another in the future :)
  4. Great idea slow_suzuki!!!

    Would have been good for me last weekend lol. But hey I might try and make it seeing as though my right peg that was replaced is now spinning. The bolt directly behind the peg that you initially loosened is playing up. I cannot tighten it any more so not too sure what to do. I will be down the GC until late afternoon so hopefully you guys might still be going. Quite scary riding and all of a sudden your foot slips off!!

  5. Might need to put that bit in a vice so we can tighten it up. Unfortunate that the bolt is from the inside so we couldnt get access while the assembly is bolted in place. Makes it really hard to put pressure on while doing it up if someone is trying to hold it in their bare hands......

    One of those bloody silly ideas that the japanese factories come up with every now and again.

    There may be a locating pin - if you have your manual bring it along when we look at that again. If not I guess it's a "ip completely apart and learn from it"job.
  6. well of course, i'm gunna be there.....altho i don't know that i'll be able to scare the neighbours.... :shock:

    i don't think bm will be making it tho.....so i'll be makin my own way there (thank goodness i know the way to brackenridge.... :) )

    see you round about 10 if that's ok?
  7. I've already spoken to the neighbors so they'll be cowering behind locked doors regardless :p

    I will be haveing a big one with a mate from Cairns tonight so dont be suprised if you have to make a lot of noise....

    Nah seriously hungover or not I'm normally up at about 7.
  8. no worries, i've learnt how to rev.....and rev.......and rev......
  9. darn.......... :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    i've just found out that my plans for tomorrow have been changed by my kids (joys of bein a single mum..... :? ) which means that the time i have available for this is from 9am - 12noon (including travel time between my place and yours) or after about 5.30pm (which would mean doing my first ever ride at night :eek:hno: )

    sooooooooo......don't think i'm gunna be up for this one....... :(

    and i'd got the coffee ready and told my bike she was gunna get some lovin and all :cry:

    sorry slow_suzuki......

    i'll give you a call in the morning.....
  10. Well im home now.

    Slow night in the valley... i'd still be there but for some cairns friends who had to change pubs after lockout.............
  11. in which case, maybe its a good thing that i can't make it after all - you'll be able to sleep in.......
  12. Sleep in. Bah.

    Thats for wusses.
  13. have just (well sorta anyway) got home from slow_suzuki's place - thanks to my son's understanding i was able to make it after all.....

    thanks for all your help and tutoring. being able to try what you were suggesting on my bike, as well as watching you do the same on yours was an excellent way for me to learn....

    the bike felt great on the way home - nothing seemed out of the ordinary at all.....

    i was able to impress my son michael with all i'd learnt too.

    and of course - that mental step of just deciding to go and going without spending an hour psyching myself to gear up was another big step for me.

    so, i'll be there with bells on for the next one too - possibly with a more complete tool kit than the one i've got now (after all, one spanner does not a toolkit make..... :grin: )

    thanks again
  14. Slow_suzuki,

    Sorry couldn't make it today....was prettying-up my bike the whole day :eek:hno: . It now has orange rim-tapes...looks great, btw :)

    Thank you so much for your help on Friday night, that was awesome and above & beyond.

    Hope to catch up on Friday!

  15. Andrew, any chance of another 'bike mechanics learners session'?
    I don't know a screw driver from a spanner, and my bike expertise is limited to knowing where the petrol goes- but I am keen to learn. :grin:
  16. I guess we could do another one soon, but I dont think I can hold one here until about the weekend Sat/Sun 5th-6th May.

    If you want to have one before the Kilcoy run I'm open to holding it somewhere else. Any takers?
  17. Thanks Andrew. I can wait until you are ready (you can't swing a cat in my place.) Besides, as you said, i am hoping that my bike is in good condition after only 6000kms. Let me know where and when and I'll be there. :)
  18. um, just so's you know, i've just tried to do the calendar event thingy for the go-karting for that weekend - on the sunday (least i hope that's when i put it in....)
  19. I'm pretty much booked out for the next 4 weekends anyway - kilcoy this weekend, helping the ex move out, putting in new fence posts, working on the beemer and the GS, probably have to see my parents in there somewhere too.

    And of course the Go Kart thing.
  20. i'll be up for the next one. not sure how much i can contribute, but i've got a reasonable amount of practical experience. I haven't really set up my "workshop" underneath the house yet, so I don't know how suitable my place would be. (plus, as i'm sure timnkoo can attest, it's a bit tricky getting you bikes around to the back!).

    On the upside, i've got a wonderful workshop assistant in the form of a fat lab named harry, who gladly will assist by licking you while you try to work!

    if anyone desperately needs something done before the sunday kilcoy ride then let me know - i might be able to help out.