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[QLD] Brisbane Netriders September Group Ride, Sun Sep 16th

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Muttly

    Springwood - Mt Tamborine - Numinbah - Beechmont - Canungra

    Time: 8:30am (for 9:00am start)
    Start: McDonalds Springwood

    In my honest opinion, this is the best the
    Gold Coast Hinterland has to offer
    without travelling south into NSW. There

    ... more

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  2. This is the ride we had planned for August but was cancelled due to circumstances (good thing too because it was a wet, miserable day).

    This may be the last group ride for the year that I organise as I'm off down to the Great Ocean Road in October. :p Hopefully we'll get another ride in in November. :grin:

    The ride guide is already done and you can download it here:


    Possibles and probables:

    Roy Boy

    I hope all of you can make it :grin:

  3. Muttly, the goat track is not very good for nervous/new riders..
  4. Have you been on it since they've reopened it Tanya? I don't think anyone will have any problems. :grin:
  5. Thanks Muttly, you can put a tick against my name. The weekend looks good for me, and I have heard some positive reports on some of those roads of late. Bring it on...
  6. Excellent BigD! \:D/

    Fabes and I did the run on the Ekka Wednesday and it really is a fantastic ride.

    See you there :grin:
  7. Yea, had been following the earlier thread :grin: :idea: you got the same policeman organised for that day :?: :LOL:
  8. Saw the same guy twice in Canungra on the Wednesday. :shock: Fabes and I did it real easy through there and up the goat track. Was just waiting for him to jump out from behind a rock :evil:
  9. not talking about the surface.. just how tight it is and steep..
  10. Can you make it for this one Tanya :?: It would be good to have a ride together :cool:
  11. aahhhh...by the time we get to the goat track we'll already have gone over The Panorama...now that is steep :shock: It'll make the road up Tamborine seem like a gentle gradiant.

    Seriously though...we went up Obi-Obi last ride and I think that's a bigger challenge then the Goat Track. I wouldn't consider it if I wasn't confident that the riders in this group ride within their limits :grin:
  12. i'm a tentative to almost yes for this one. looks good and want to get some serious bum time with the gixxer :cool: :LOL:
  13. :shock: Shite, congrats on the new bike BB. :idea: Does that mean Lurker is going to join us for a ride soon :grin:
  14. Would a 250 bandit be welcome or would I slow you down?
    I'm a noob to group rides but have been on the road for 9 months. If you don't feel comfortable I won't be insulted. Hope to see some of you on fridays when i get the time off.. and bike fixed :p
  15. well i've only just got my gixxer. before that i was riding with these guys on my zzr250 :) as long as you ride within your limits mate you'll have a ball and won't slow any of us down :) we ride for pleasure not to race :cool:
  16. bigD _ oh yeah. Lurker won't be riding for a littel bit :p she is going to have our second baby in february :twisted: yay! :D
  17. Thanks that what I was hoping to hear. I'll give you guys a heads up when I'm sure I can make it. I definately plan on it. :grin:
  18. It would be great to have you along Tomm. It's a great group that will make you feel welcome and +1 to what BalmyBrowny said :grin:
  19. Congrats to Balmy and Lurker! Hope everything goes well.

    tomm: Don't sweat it mate, you can ride with me :)

    Oh, and to keep things on topic, count me in Muttly :cool:
  20. *Waits for written leave application* :wink: