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[Qld] Brisbane Coffee Meet

Discussion in 'QLD' started by demuire, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Umm. Okay, here's a thread for us to have a coffee meet. I have no idea where, or when at the moment, but it'll be nice to have one. Interest? Ideas?

  2. i'm keen mate, the next two sundays are booked already, but when you post a time i'll let you know :)

    If you're interested Brisbane bikers meet every fri night at the coffee club, park road Milton. No riding, lots of chatting :)
  3. A small bunch of us are heading up to mt. coot-tha on thursday night!!
  4. Tanya: sounds interesting, though not sure if I can make it (but maybe other Brisbane bikers want to go!)... What time do you usually meet (on Friday nights)?
  5. I'd be in it, though friday nights generally aren't good for me.
  6. They usually are there from 7 onwards.. it's open to anyone, just rock up and say hi :)

    If it's raining i stay home :)

    or if my other half is here i stay home too lol
  7. Hey Tanya, are 'they' forum dwellers? and what's wrong with the other half does he have an extra head or something? :grin:

    Park road is walking distance so let us know next time your there.
  8. they're usually a mix of brisbane bikers, qmrf, some overclockers, anyone is welcome doesn't matter where you're from :)

    my other half isn't into things like that.. he's more into riding than socialising while i'm into both :D

    i was going to try tomorrow but Boky's funeral is on, and dont' think i'll be going after that.
  9. Pending weather etc, I might be keen for maybe a small ride up Mt Cootha on Saturday arvo...
  10. i'd be keen for a meet!

    I'm a member of the brisbanebikers forum too.... but i like this one better :)

    Maybe i should rock up to Park Rd one friday evening...

    How does it go for parking there? I'd bet it'd get quite chockas yeah?
  11. heaps of bike parking right out the front :)

    i will get there one day .. i promise :)
  12. Hey Demuire, are you still keen for a ride/coffee on Saturday arvo? Anyone else keen?

    I read some of the other forums too, but I prefer the "vibe" of this one, so to get a Brissy Netriders group happening would be good.

  13. easyspider: weather permitting, yes keen. I'm supposed to meet someone at Milton at about 3.30-4pm or thereabouts, would be free after...

    Won't have access to the net after about 10am tomorrow though when I leave the house, so probably safe to say that if the weather is fine then, and still fine at about 3.30 or 4pm then I'll be up for it :) Where should we meet? How will I know who you are? I've got a black XV250...
  14. Curse double bookingness. I have a thing on sat. afternoon. Maybe I could catch up afterwards, depending how things go... Weather looks sketchy at the moment.
  15. Yup. Forecasts have been wrong for most of the last week though, it's meant to have rained every single day, and so far it's only really stormed in the nights. Here's hoping it holds out during the day tomorrow.
  16. Fook, send me a text with the details, i am meant to be rebuilding a gb tomorrow, but mya be finihsed early. I rode the bike to work for the first time today :)
  17. Well, against all logic (it's sort of drizzling here at the moment), I'm taking the bike out this morning. Looking at BOM it looks like all the rain for this morning is pretty much clearing up anyway.

    So yes, if weather holds out, I should be in Milton (Park Road) at about 3.30-4pm I think? Umm. Yeah. So if anyone feels like coming out for a bit...

    BiX: I'll send you a text when I'm done at Acacia Ridge so I have a better idea of exactly what time I'll be getting to Milton.
  18. Well that was fun :p I was there from umm... about 3.45 to about 4.30, but nobody came :( Oh well, maybe next time...
  19. Hey Guys,

    I'd be keen for a meet sometime (sorry i missed the arranged one this weekend - been too busy to check this site lately). I'm sort of bikeless at the moment :( so a coffee meet would be preferable over a ride.

    God damn i hope i can get the SRX running soon - it's been, like, three weeks since i've ridden!

  20. Alrighty, the SRX is back in business! Anymore interest in a coffee meet and / or a ride?