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[QLD] Brisbane Christmas BBQ & Ride, Sun Dec 9th

Discussion in 'QLD' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: cookeetree

    Okay, folks, here it is; Your invitation to "Christmas at Cookee's", to be held on Sunday, December 9th, at Cookeetree's house, just north of Beaudesert (PM Cookeetree for full address, directions and contact details).

    All Netrider members (and the...

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  2. RSVP's (including those from the EOI thread) are:
    • Mrs Tree
    • Cookeetree
    • Nicarus
    • Chrisco (and Natalie)
    • BalmyBrowny
    • Roy Boy
    • Auscruiser
    • Grofaz (and Mrs and "baby") - BBQ only
    • Flying is for planes
    • Demuire (still a maybe)
    • Buggar - BBQ only
    • Shoreline (and Yvonne & Hugh)
    • Muttly (and Mrs) - BBQ only
    • Khlarton
    • The Big D
    • Kezza (and Paul)
    • Gracebeey - Ride only
    • Kooler2
    • Mabo (and fiance)
    • Cuvy (maybe)
    • Mickeyd_zx6r (maybe)
    • Biker One
    • Dirty Trix

    Please, let me know if any one these members are no longer able to make the event or are bringing a partner / very close friend. Thanks! :grin:
  3. i'd love to come, can u put me down for a maybe? i'll just be back from england, could be seriously suffering jet lag, and am sposed to be going to a fishing club christmas dinner the night before in esk....

    so, not sure yet......
  4. "Maybe" it is. Hey, you could ride down from Esk with Esk Rider, if she comes. :wink:
  5. Hi Cookeetree,

    I've never really met most of you guys - just a couple of people every now and then, due to my work hours, but I'd love to join in and meet up all of you if it's okay!

    It's Sunday so that's generally great for me. Cheers!

  6. Grace (it is Grace, isn't it?), of course, you're more than welcome! It would be great to meet you. :grin: BTW, if you know any members who haven't responded to the thread yet, could you give them a nudge for me, please. :wink:

    To anyone reading this, who hasn't met myself or any of the other members who've RSVP'd, this invite extends to ALL members in the S.E. Qld area, not just the ones we've already met. We want this to include as many of the local members that we see posting on this forum as possible.
  7. It should be a great day and the more the merrier! :dance:
  8. Thanks Cookeetree, I'll be bringing my partner Yvonne, do you want us to bring anything else?
  9. sounds like fun
  10. Looking forward to meeting you both. :grin:

    Rather than try to coordinate people bringing this and that, I'm happy to supply the food. It's just going to be a simple sausage sizzle. Gold coin "donations" will be accepted. BYO drinks. (I've just updated the OP to include these details.)

    So, is that a, "Thanks, I'd love to come"??? You're more than welcome.

    Chris, could you put your location in your profile? Makes it easier for people in your area to contact you for rides. :grin:
  11. Mate I would love to come as well....Can I make a suggestion. Seeing as their is a ride before the Barby, what about we make it up to Ipswich for the Toy Run, they tells me the Toy Run finishes around 11.15, 11.30 or so, so a bit of a chat after the run and a hang around and still have time to get back in time for the ye hah at the Barby. Just an idea. Click on the link for the Toy Run info
  12. sorry, just realised I am catchin a plane that day. When I get back I will be up for some more meets :)
  13. The Toy Run is the w/end b4 on the 2nd Dec
  14. Yeh correct in Brisbane , the weekend after its on in Ipswich :cool:
  15. I'm happy to do what the majority want to do. I had an EOI thread open for a while and no one suggested the Toy Ride as an option. If, however, that's what most people want to do, I'm open to it. I know Carol and her hubby are doing the toy run. The BBQ's a month away yet, so we'll see if people post up with their desire to attend that instead of doing a local ride. Sound good?

    Chris - Sorry you won't be able to make it. We'll catch up another time. Mrs Tree's folks live at Caloundra, so we'll hit you up next time we're up there.

  16. Ohhhh Sorry Kooler 2 i didn't realise that
  17. Ill put my fiancee and i down as maybes.. Ive got to organise rego for my bike when i get up there and i can forsee another more important expense arising from the move so i may be your support vehicle for the day.. Can anyone give me a rough estimate of how much im looking at to get a 250 on road in QLD?? Sorry if its off topic..
  18. Put you both down as "maybe". Would be good to meet you both.

    You can go here to get a quote for your rego. I did one up for you. Results were:

    Date of registration 12/11/2007
    Quote type Registration renewal
    Include CTP insurance in quote Yes
    Vehicle type Motor cycle
    Purpose of use Private
    Number of seats 2
    Concession category No Concession
    Pay term 12 Months
    CTP insurance class Motor cycle with pillion or sidecar (including hire)
    Input tax credits entitlement (ITCE) No
    CTP insurer SUNCORP
    Registration fee 70.45
    Traffic improvement fee 42.45
    CTP insurance premium 228.00
    Total fee ($) 340.90
  19. You are an absolute gentleman cookeetree. Very much appreciated. Where is the nearest bike mechanic that you would recomend? Im flying blind when we move as the only people we know in QLD are my parents and they know diddly squat about anything unless it has to do with trucks...
  20. sounds like fun - better put me down for a maybe though, since i'm not 100% sure i'm free that day yet.