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[QLD - Brisbane] 2005 Honda VTR250 for sale

Discussion in 'Archived' started by derick, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. [QLD - Brisbane] 2005 Honda VTR250 for sale *SOLD*


    Pics: http://s901.photobucket.com/albums/ac211/qedguy/
    Asking: $5,100

    This bike has:
    - a near new "Pirelli Sports Demon" tyre on the rear
    - a Tranzac aftermarket exhaust for an improved sound over stock.

    During my ownership it has had 1 oil/filter change done by me (About 2500km's ago). I have also tried to keep it very clean and the chain has been cleaned and lubed every 400km or so.

    Also Includes:
    - Ventura rack(rack top sawed off by previous owner) + Ventura bag. Attaching the bag to the rack requires a bit of work.
    - Detachable MRA Windshield ('Highway Shield')
    - Spare unused pair of brake pads (SBS ceramic).
    - Unopened 4L bottle of Motul Oil + new oil filter

    A RWC will be provided.
    Please PM me or email qedguy@gmail.com
  2. how many kms?
    damaged at all?
    service history?

    you might want to add a fair bit more to your ad ;)

    wow, that rack looks terribly unsafe for the bag, good effort to the previous owner *rolls*
  3. * currently under offer *

    how many kms? - now: 27752
    colour? - red with gold rims / see pics
    damaged at all? - Cosmetic: scratches near swing arm , a dent near the passenger seat on the plastic.. I am the 3rd owner. Inspections are welcome and encouraged :D.
    service history? - Stamped Log book services, and two entries where done by the previous owners brother who is a mechanic (so I'm told ;-).
    Registered until 31/01/2010 as two seat.
    RWC done today, had to put in a bung, which can removed, which I did ($65 thrown down the gurgler :rolleyes: )
  4. Very nice indeed. Wish I had the dough to pick it up for the Mrs. (I think I'd probably end up replacing the rack.)
  5. after ANOTHER one are we?
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Not open for further replies.