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[QLD-Bris] Spur of the moment ride: Anzac day

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Dirty TRiX, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Well, I have two options: spending yet another public holiday in at work
    or: going for a ride tomorrow.

    Anyone interested in option b?
  2. option b definitely.....

    where we all goin?

    i'll need to fuel up, but this'll give me one more ride before i lose my baby for a week :(

    of course, i'll have to convince my shoulder that the planned rest tomorrow is not necessary.....
  3. Maybe head up to Noosa, have a feed, check out Hastings Street and head home? Maleny? Landsborough pub for lunch?

    Any good beachside cruises near here?
  4. well, up to noosa sounds fine to me - hastings street will be an absolute pain cause it always is.....

    as for maleny, depends on how we get into there - just gotta watch me with the hill-starts and the one from mt mee/peachester into maleny was where i realised i really don't do good hillstarts and need practise on smaller ones.....

    i don't really know good routes, and i'm still waiting on my motorcycle atlas to arrive......

    someone will have a good idea......

    i'm going out soon to a cafe meet for my women's bike group - i can check with them and get back to the forum tonight......
  5. I have had a friend offer to escort me to willowbank to watch the track day at QR.
    Long boring ride after the horrible ride through Ashgrove, but watching the track fun would be nice.
  6. Sounds ok to me.
  7. Kezza is in too.
    Meet at her place at 8am?
    I'll let her know.
    If we get bored we can leave early.
  8. If everybody could be at their respective starting points on time......

    .....this is not my thread!!!! :oops:

    Have fun yall. :LOL:
  9. Thanks Scheff... big turn out for this ride... look out QLD...we got a convoy..... :oops: :LOL:
  10. Ok Kez- I know you aren't on the forum right now...but you'll be back!
    We are meeting at your place at 8am. Meeting my friend at the Mobil on Waterworks Rd at 9am, ride to QR. Maybe come back here for refreshments afterwards????
    Be seeing y'all then! :grin:
    Anyone else welcome. Just post up or PM me.
  11. ok...i'm in......but...ummmmmmm

    :eek:hno: :eek:hno: :eek:hno:

    doesn't that mean hill starts.......ok.....i'm there......i'll be right........i know i'll be right......i'm not a woose.......or a sook......i'm a big mean cruiser rider......

  12. drag your back brake and slow on the throttle .. you'll be fine :)

    (I shat myself at the concept of doing hill starts but once you've done one successfully, you know deep down you'll be fine for all of them :) follow the general idea above and you'll be absolutely fine :) )
  13. Let me lead you to the gap this time... the other way was waaaaay too long.

    It was a nice ride though.
  14. i'm just gunna follow the one in front......

    as for doin the hill start, thanx for the advice emsie....i've just gotta follow through....it can't be any worse than comin into maleny......
  15. darn - just a thought - what time will fuel stations open tomorrow given its a public holiday and all???????

    aaah what the heck - i'll worry bout it tomorrow.....

    sleeeeeeeeeeeeep now....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  16. It's not the size that counts, but you know that. :wink: :LOL:

  17. Hey you!
    A nice stressless ride through some nice roads and scenery (without the suburban traffic) was the plan for last time...I never said anything about it being 'the short way!' :roll:
    Anyway, what sort of bike rider wants to go for a blat 'the short way'??? :shock: :p
  18. The one who wants to get there sometime this week?
  19. Hey guys!
    What a great day! We went for a nice blat out to QR. Watched all of the pro's do their thing (I sooo want to do that!)
    Then we came back to my place for coffee, nibbles and a couple of drinks.
    A lovely day. Thank-you for your company Kezza and slow_suzuki, you are welcome any time! :grin:
  20. Thanks. Im almost tempted to take that offer up right now...... if you'd take the dogs as well for the night....
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Not open for further replies.