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[QLD] [Bris]Camping/Motorcycle event, Fri May 25th

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, May 8, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: kerrie

    Weekend Camping event

    Arrive: Friday 25 May
    Depart: Sunday 27 May

    Location: Neurum camp grounds Mt Mee State Forest


    BYO: Food, drink, drinking water, firewood, tent, sleeping b...

    ... more

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  2. Oh dear, the exact dates of stocktake at work :( I run the control desk so it's something I can't get out of unfortunately :oops:

    :shock: omg, sounds like something out of The Lost Tribes :LOL: no mate just kidding :p the pic looks great ss :cool:
  3. darn bigd....at this rate we're never goin to get you to an event......how does august sound for you for the victorian visit?????
  4. It's not at archer it's at neurum... easy gravel road access even in my low bmw.... motorbikes will do that easily.
  5. ....hairdryer, electric blanket, toilet, mattress, electricity.....
    Is that everything I need for my first camping trip?
    Looking forward to it!
  6. Are you just trying to avoid us bigd?
    We are forgetting what you look like! :cry:
  7. I think he's frightened we'll turn cannibal in the wilderness...
  8. Very possible.....
    there is enough of him for all of us!
  9. bigd = big dinner?
  10. :rofl:
    I'm sure he isn't coming now! :LOL:
  11. ...COUGHS... :roll:

    been meaning to read that thread :grin:

    sif :shock:

    :LOL: dont mind a bit of raw meat myself...

    d for Daryl (just in case) :p
  12. heheh3eheheheheh

  13. Hey guys,

    I'm sorry but I'm a wuss! :(

    I made a vow when I was 18 never to camp again so I'm going to pass on this one. Maybe when I get the genuine Yamaha FJR pop-top camper conversion I'll be keen, but until then I'll let you genuine aussie rough-it types enjoy the wilderness together.

  14. aw gee mutts, if i can do it anyone can......

    maybe we can come up with a plan for the pop-top :LOL:
  15. Sorry Kezz...It's not that I can't do it, it's that I won't do it! =;

    My parents were over-enthusiastic campers in my youth and I've had quite enough of sleeping on granite because of a hole in the airbed thankyou very much :grin:

    You're talking to a guy who's planning a ride to GOR and making sure that every place we stay has a spa in the room :LOL:
  16. :rofl:

    well to make up for it, you'll just have to commit to being one of the helpers to fix mike's bike......which i just bought......(see my thread....)
  17. I can see someone earning a whole lifetime full of wuss points for this..... it's 60km from home go and get a replacement air mattress....
  18. Hey my cousin lives 10min from the camp ground but I'm still a wuss! Going to miss the copious amount of red wine you guys will drink on the weekend though :beer:
  19. Come along then you wont even need a mattress. You'll be sleeping on a matress padded with shiraz.
  20. Hey Greg, I have solved your dillema. Being a fellow red wine drinker may I suggest that you drink so much that you don't actually care whether you have a mattress or not??? :grin: (Something which I avoid at all costs but it is a constant source of amusement watching others do it!)

    The main issue may be the lack of drinkable water and a shower in the morning though! :roll: