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[QLD] Breakfast @ Wardies!, Sat Jun 9th

Discussion in 'QLD' started by ForumBot, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Zac Marshall

    Hi everyone this is a southeast Queensland Meet and Greet breakfast / ride planning every 2weeks here on the Goldcoast!

    Start Time: after 9am till 11am

    Location: Hot Shotz
    Shop 1c
    Nerang St

    I wil...

    ... more

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  2. Hehehe hehe e e.... :twisted: Mine My precious....
    :shock: oops.... Sorry people mental tick. :wink:

    ITS HERE! Its landed a little later than expected but hey.. this is an on going event and I will (family deaths and free beer excluded) will be there 100% of the time. Which is good due to the fact that 90% of the Qld people are going on charity rides this weekend I expect a crowd of 1... me! in that case free food for netriders* I'll post a location map real soon.

    * = me
  3. given that the rides are on sunday...maybe you could end up with more takers than expected.....

    so if i come down, i expect my free brekky....


    (but, unless i can get a pillion for my mate, i won't be comin.... :roll: :cry: )
  4. I'll be hoping to drop in....

  5. you'd think he'd have checked the dates and days before making his generous offer hey??

  6. Thats probably WHY he made it then.

    Geez... Bacon and eggs is cheap. What a stingy b*stard.

  7. oh i'm puttin my order in for waaaaay more than just bacon and eggs.....and by two!

  8. Im really not sure I want to know what you're ordering there Kezza....

  9. tomato.....corn cobs.....pineapple......home made hash browns.....pancakes with maple syrup.....

    why? what were you thinkin?????? :)
  10. Sorry Wardie,

    Hoping to get a new front tyre fitted on Saturday. Than heading into the caravan and camping expo.
  11. hehehe i'll see you there....but i was thinkin free brekky before hand would be worth it.....
  12. and once again none of you read the disclaimer.... :LOL: Ahh its ok the first couple can have breakfast on me.... :wink:
  13. I'm sorry, but the disclaimer is grammatically incorrect, netriderS, being plural, cannot be the singular "*=me"

    So, in my capacity as chief lyncher in the netrider kangaroo court of backyard legalities, I hereby decree.................

    "Cough up bucko!!!!" :cheeky:

    Nah, she's good mate, if I make it** I'll buy my own.

    ** totally dependent on waking up in time, and getting my fat, lazy arse out of bed
  14. Netriders.... yep me, myself, I oh and the chior and that funny guy who lives down the back.... he isnt saying much today but usualy is good for a laugh... :wink:

    nope first 3-4 on deck get free food... The rest well i'm sure marek will take care of you...
  15. well i'll just have to see how early i can get my mate out of bed and into the car for the drive down won't i.....

  16. drive... well I guess teh free way is a scary place.
  17. my mate doesn't have a bike, i can't pillion, and i don't think there's anyone else able to pillion him.....so to get two people down to the coast and back for the camping show its gunna have to be the car.....if it was just me, i'd be riding.....
  18. Can I come too?
    Anyone want to ride with me?
    We could visit the Lawrence Drive bike shops while we are there! :grin:
  19. yes your invited.... :wink:
  20. well, how bout i check with my mate next time i'm talking to him about plans for saturday - i'm thinkin maybe a tour of bike shops on saturday and the caravan show on sunday.....