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QLD Bike mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Middle Child, May 18, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    so I moved up to the Sunny Coast a few months ago and re-registered my bikes as required.

    I am now looking to do some adjustments to the CR250 that would reduce it to one seat. I am not looking for a reduction in registration costs, even though that is a reality.

    The difficulty is understanding the legal requirements. QLD transport says that you have to have a modification certificate before commencing work - I'm not really cutting the frame or changing the rake or anything.

    I spoke to one garage who wouldn't get with 100 yards as it is too costly (approx $1000) and too much paperwork.

    In an off-the-record way, I got the impression that the bigger hassle is if you need to get another safety certificate, if you were asked to do so by police; or if you sold the bike

    Anyone care to share so experience or knowledge in this area?
  2. No experience on this one, sorry.

    You have a CR250 that's registered? Good work!
  3. CR250X is ADR, the old school dinosaurs from childhood aren't

    OP i personally know a few people who've used motorcycleroadworthys (for roadworthys specifically) and they all praise his work.
    but remember, he's based in *i think* kingston, and charges travel time
  4. Most dealerships will have the certification (needed for roadworthy/safety certificates) - it's the workshop cert from the TMR that's necessary afaik. When I was using a new mechanic in Yandina he hadn't got the certification yet but I let him do the work and then took it to a mech in Nambour who certified it.

    I guess some smaller operators wouldn't have bothered because the dealers typically do it and they don't care for road worthies.
  5. If you don't care of the cost then Y bother.
    Am I thinking right, a CR. One long single set anyway ?
    For the 1 up rego you need to remove the rear pegs on a dirt bike and that is it.
    And thank you I will take a $78 inspection fee for that. Not sure if the RTA has a charge when redoing it.
    Unless you keep the bike for a few years it's not worth it. Can work against you at sale time too.
    And welcome to the coast. Gods waiting room :)
  6. Brian Harper is his name. I've used him a few times and he's good. Last time I spoke to him he wasn't travellinng to the Gold Coast anymore, though, so I don't know whether he would go as a far as the sunshine coast.