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[QLD+AUS] “By and large, the welcome mat isnt out"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Friday, November 09, 2007

    XXXXXXXX targeted in roadside crackdown

    5:36p.m. 9 November 2007

    “We don’t want you here.â€

    That was the strong, stark message sent to about 150 XXXXXXXX motorcycle gang members who arrived in Caloundra this afternoon.

    Police, having planned well in advance for what they knew was the annual meeting for the motorcycle gang on the Coast, were ready – and waiting.

    A virtual ambush of the bikers took place half way along Caloundra Road, where the entire entourage was able to be shepherded into a side road – and where police undertook a thorough search of XXXXXXXX members along with checks of their bikes and possessions.

    “Today’s operation response is part of Operation Foxtrot Divorce, which is a strategic attack on outlaw motorcycle gangs, not just in the Sunshine Coast district but right throughout the North Coast region,†police superintendent Ben Hanbidge said.

    “The operation coincided with the arrival of an outlaw motorcycle gang called the XXXXXXXX who are travelling en masse to Caloundra for their annual conference.

    “Approximately 150 bikers and vehicles were intercepted this afternoon on Caloundra road and a number of suspects are being interviewed with respect to a number of matters.â€

    Supt Hanbidge said a quantity of drugs and a firearm were located and investigations were continuing.

    Worse for some bikers, a number of traffic infringement notices were issued – and bikes were taken off the road.

    The huge police operation was intended to send a message not only to the XXXXXXXX but to outlaw motorcycle gangs in general.

    “They are unwelcome,†Supt Hanbidge said.

    “They tend to instil fear into the community.

    “They do intimidate local residents, and they commit traffic violations.

    Supt Hanbidge said the biker gang were organised criminals.

    “The bikies do not call themselves outlaw motorcycle gangs without good cause – they are a very well organised crime gang,†he said. "Obviously they are not here to organise a pie drive.''

    “While we cannot stop them coming to the Sunshine Coast, we can make it uncomfortable for them, and let them know we know what they are doing.â€

    Police intend to monitor the gang throughout the weekend – their annual meeting is not scheduled to finish until Sunday.

    The motorcycle members are understood to be staying at a nearby hotel, having virtually booked it out.

    According to Supt Hanbidge, the interception was one of the largest – and successful – of its kind.

    “Certainly to my knowledge this has been one of the largest interception responses,†he said.

    “It was not just Coast police involved in the operation. State Operations Command, North Coast police as well as Transport Department officers were involved, along with dog squad, explosives sniffer dogs.â€

    But the bikers appeared surprised when they were cornered, he said.

    “I think (they were) – this was very well planned – we shepherded them into a side road,†he said.

    “They had no real option.â€

    Traffic was banked up along Caloundra Road for almost two hours as drivers slowed down to see the drama.

    The bikers were segregated for about an hour.

    Link to Source

    *what quantity of weapons/drugs were found, and how does that compare to a general cross section of the community as a percentage?
    *do YOU feel intimidated by events/gatherings such as these?
    *is this a waste of police resources? have they achieved anything?
    thoughts, opinions? flame.
  2. The only time I have ever 'felt' intimidated by an 'outlaw' motorcycle gang, was when I was riding my 250 on the Ipswich Motorway, and a group of 10 bikes rumbled past me in the right hand lane.

    I was not intimidated by the bikers, but the bikes themselves, as a new rider, it was a new experience and I was unsure how to react. I simply kept my eyes on the road and concentrated on my riding. I was not harassed, threatened or menaced, I was overtaken on a dual lane road.

    Off the bike, I have been offered the use of a club house to use for fundraising for The Cancer Council Queensland. No cost to us, all profits to go straight to The Cancer Council.

    The majority of businesses we have approached to help our fundraising efforts have rejected us, but an 'Outlaw Motorcycle Club' that is apparently a menace to society has opened their arms and said they will help in any way possible.
  3. hey! thats a cool experience, and full of positive stuff. not what i really expected at all.
    with regard to the last two paragraphs of your post, that is relative to hornet600's "am i my brothers keeper" thread.
    of course, lets be realistic, they arent angels...but ATEoTD its not all bad either :cool:
  4. Oh, there is the Pub Crawl we had earlier this year, last stop was a biker pub - and the bus full of hairdressers and retail workers GOT KICKED OUT!! Supreme effort by all involved! I think we may have been a little loud for them. I've been told it's pretty impressive to get kicked out of the Glamorgan Vale Hotel :grin:
  5. they are regarded domestically as a greater security threat than any terrorist organisation by both the police and the military. that is due to a number of attempted break ins on military bases. thats all i know about them from my own "resources"
    they are just another type of biker to me. if one was in strife on the side of the road, i would offer my assistance just like i would to anyone else.
    IM NOT TRYING TO STEROTYPE HERE! but in my opinion, an organisations charitable activities doesnt make illegal activites any less illegal, if they are infact involved in criminal activities. i know a couple of guys at uni in the XXXXXXXXX, they do pharmacology and chemistry :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. :grin: :grin: classic
  7. RE:
    what would be even more classic is, if they actually organised a charitable pie drive for all future meetings/events :rofl:
  8. Never had any problem in Brisbane... of the bikies I have met they have all been genuine blokes with a good friendly attitude. So they do some illegal buisness. Its only supplying a market. Most businesses rip off the tax man big deal. Apart from a couple of bad happenings which the clubs have later denounced (and the crimes are more to do with personal crimes, no greater representation than the general public)... I've never heard of anyone in the broader community being hurt... gangs will fight... so what... they know what they are getting into when they join. I think by and large they are good blokes who do a few bad things to get by.
  9. well, to throw aout a bone and maybe make this fan. happen :shock:
    i cant really see why there isn't as much focus on different races that move together. i know that if you are middle eastern, you will experience certain prejudice, but there are other race-based contingents that move/party/conduct business (both legal and illegal) in a similar fashion.
    the only difference that i can see, is that by nature, these clubs are noisy because of their thumpin' harleys, which is obnoxious to some, and they also wear clear indentifying marks...this in effect does the po-po a favour IMO.
    mind you, some clubs dont promote their identifying insignias often, if at all.
  10. Joel, they are an easy target for the police. If they targeted other groups then the media would go to town and label it racist or descriminatory.

    Its easy to pick on bikies as noone will make a fuss. Plus they get to champion about how they got some drugs and a weapon... ie probably a bit of pot and some dodgey gun the dude should have known better than carry on a ride. Go through a few hundred cars on our road and I'm sure you would turn up just about the same things. Just cheap points for the police.
  11. Re: [QLD+AUS] “By and large, the welcome mat isnt out&quot

    Obviously the publican wanted them there. I'm guessing the community would be pretty thankful for the influx of tourist cash whilst they were staying there also.
    After 17 years with the cops I can honestly say I've never had a problem with a full member of an OMCG, especially when they're in colours. It's the Nom's and hanger's on's that usually cause trouble.
  12. Re: [QLD+AUS] “By and large, the welcome mat isnt out&quot

    What's with the "xxxx" stuff. Why can't you refer to the club by its real name?
  13. Re: [QLD+AUS] “By and large, the welcome mat isnt out&quot

    a few reasons actually.

    1) Respect.
    2) Relevance.
    3) Mutual understanding.

    1) I didnt ask the club if i could post a media-biased (either way - see relevance) report on their actions/events and therefore I dont feel that it is appropriate to post their name. Also respect for the forum population and its administrators, NR features very highly in google search results, and I (personally) dont think that this joint needs/wants to be tied in to any club via a simple search engine.

    2) I dont think that the name of the club is relevant to the questions and statements that i posed. I based my points on recent happenings in the media, and am only really after peoples "default" ideals and experiences with bodies/assocs/clubs or whoever else the media decides is a Gang.
    I posted a link to the original article, so that those who are interested can find out whatever it is that their inquisitive minds want to know.

    3) I was brought up with the understanding that ATEoTD we are all humans, and those who ride bikes, are all motorcyclists. dividing us up in to categories for the name-and-shame thing should be left to sensationalist media junkies. The underlying Mutual Understanding is that I dont name-and-shame them and they feel no need to name-and-shame us as a whole.
    Feel free to do it your way, but i dont eat every portion of tainted media garble that is fed to me, and therefore i leave judgement until i have experienced reality...in the real non P.C. world ;)

    i hope that, you now, better understand the choices i make.
  14. Re: [QLD+AUS] “By and large, the welcome mat isnt out&quot

    :idea: :idea: :idea: :!:
  15. Re: [QLD+AUS] “By and large, the welcome mat isnt out&quot

    Um, not really. I lost you after "a few reasons, actually".
  16. i know generaly the bikies will own tattoe parlors brothels and bike shops,
    partly for supplying in house needs. They operate above the law but are not in my opionoin a threat to the populace.

    You dont hear on the news

    Bikes raping and/or randomly bashing mugging and leaving for dead someone. groups of lebs/westies are much worse.

    The fact that they kill each other is a shame (lose of life) but that voilence is aimed at each other.
  17. In Qld they have gun fights on Bribie Island and blow up club houses... but the media don't bother to mention that they tell all the neighbours when they are having a party, invite them all over for a drink, and give the neighbours a hand if they need it.
  18. Re: [QLD+AUS] “By and large, the welcome mat isnt out&quot

    well, given the absolutely tiny amount of info i know about your affiliations, although quite significant on this topic, i am not surprised.
    i led, your queried, i answered, you dont comprehend...no great loss. we are obviously not going to understand each other, so lets drink beer an be merry :)
  19. Re: [QLD+AUS] “By and large, the welcome mat isnt out&quot

    mjt57, go find a copy of The Brotherhoods, written by Arthur Veno, and you may have a little more understanding why joel left the club name out of his post.