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[qld] Apologies to White Multistrada Today

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by warnzie, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Im hoping you are reading this - My sincere apologies go to you - a rider with a white Ducati Multistrada who was riding from Canungra to Maudsland.

    Situation: 2 cars in front of me and the Ducati in front of them going down the main straight heading towards Nerang, checked for safe overtaking all good with plenty of room and noone coming opposite direction, overtake first car then got to the second one who was behind Ducati with plenty of distance between themselves and for some reason the guy decided to speed up with me and not let me in the gap for around 30 - 40 meteres:eek: To be honest i didn't know what to do as the broken lines were finishing up ahead and a painted middle island was coming up as well, so out of first instinct and for my life i just hammered it and had to go over double lines, over the painted island and past this poor rider on the Ducati, which made me look like an absolute tool and to be honest was so imbarresed...gave him a little wave to say sorry but propbably looked more like seeya later chum[-( So if you are this guy i apologise and i did not do this for any reason but due to some halfwit with a overtaking issue or overtaking insecurity - i still wonder what his problem was?

    Lesson learnt...Don't even overtake, cause you don't know what nut your overtaking.

  2. This would be a perfect thread to start off a new 'sub forum'!

    Perhaps calling it the "Oh, it's a big deal to me, but the other guy ain't losing any sleep over it" section??

    or perhaps

    "Social networking tips - how to really be unimpressive in the eyes of others"

    Or lastly

    "A-Hole section - you know why you're here"

    The last one's got me written all over it, don't worry I'm on my way there now...
  3. Yeah, the thread probably would fit into all of the above, but, i feel as a fellow rider i owe him an apology=D>, cause if someone on a bike did that to me, i would be as angry as a mother -in - law on a wedding day
  4. You have anger management issues then.
    If it happened to me I'd shrug it off as a meh shit happens moment.
  5. I don't know you, but I like you! Why...because you make sense!
  6. Why didn't you just pull in behind that car,easy,--you sound like the one with the overtaking issues.Instead of pulling your head in ,you put the rider in a situation.
    Typical no-idea cage driver behaviour,you should be taken aside and beaten with a stick to with-in an inch of your life.
    And being it was a Ducati-lets make that a BIG stick.
  7. should of passed them all on 1 wheel :)
  8. Well, you have just all showed me your maturity, No big deal:popcorn:
  9. Im sure the other rider didnt even think twice about it. Theres lots of people, like me, that like going the speed limit or not far above, just for peace of mind, on country roads that are likely to have coppers on it. If someone (a bike) overtook me id just shrug. If they waved then id take that as a friendly hello as they pass by.

    But if a car overtook me that would be another story.... Somehow thats too embarrassing to let happen.
  10. Really?

    Sounds very immature to me.
  11. Me thinks there is a greater point here,in this situation you let the fact that you were closing in on double yellows and PAINTED islands make an impact,pun,on what to do.The number one fact is do whatever makes you safe,if that means braking some law who cares,its the same with this every K over maters,do whatever it takes to stay safe,period.
  12. Well, its a real shame that on this forum, when you want to express an apology to a fellow rider, because as another rider you feel you did the wrong thing by them, and generally want to clear the air a bit but you actually get down trodden, shoved to the ground and then kicked for it?

    But, in the end, everyone has opinions on things and that's fine, but who's the real hero or bigger person of the day...the person who has fellow feeling toward other bikers as he is one and wants to apologise for his actions, or the one who hides behind a keyboard and monitor and bags, puts down and generally has nothing better to do than provide negative comments to everything someone writes on this forum?

    I'll let you be the judge:beer:
  13. Nah I would a;so tell it to your face that you have over reacted and that as a fellow rider I'd go meh shit happens I'm not fussed by what you did.
    If people here are not prepared to back up what they say in the flesh then they do not deserve to be on a forum
  14. Don't worry mate, at least you apologised, none of this mob needed apologising to so just ignore them. If it was me that you did it to I'd say it was good of you to say sorry.
  15. I don't get it. So you overtook the first car successfully, tried to overtake the second car but the tosser sped up (which is illegal) and closed the gap between himself and the Ducati, so you had to go WOT and overtake the Ducati and pull in front of him (forget about the lane markings, irrelevant). And you're apologising for this ... why? Because it's a Ducati? Would you have made this thread if the title were "[qld] Apologies to White VESPA Today"? :p

    As far as I'm concerned, as long as you left the Ducati a two second gap between your rear tire and his front tire, you did nothing wrong.
  16. I don't get the "Over-reacted" comment either, your just being courteous since you can't really pull up beside the other rider and explain it.

    If anything I thought you'd get bagged for being too precious :p I'm sure the other rider didn't care anyway.