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(QLD) - any state specific laws?? (vic rider)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nibor, May 19, 2009.

  1. hey guys.
    riding to brisbane next week. will be passing through NSW, only stopping for fuel/food etc, so no concerns there, i know not to pass on a single solid line, only broken lines.

    just wondering if there are any Qld specific Road Laws, or laws that vary from Victorian Laws? can i park on the footpath? how are cops with lane filtering? U-turns at traffic lights (this i couldnt do in NSW)? left turn when safe at red lights (this was ok in NSW i think)?

    things like that.

    fill me in, so the local plod doesnt have to! :shock: :? :LOL:


    Nibs :grin:
  2. I'm a qld'er and interested in these two too.

    As for parking on the footpath - I'm fairly sure its not allowed as I never see it done.
    I see plenty of people lane filtering and driving along the road shoulder, but i'm not sure if its actually illegal.
  3. what do you mean you're interested in them? i jsut want to know what is legal and what isnt. here in Vic, we can do a U-turn anywhere we want, unless a "no u-turn sign is displayed, or it is a double solid white line or solid line with broken line on the right. in NSW, im pretty sure you cant do U-turns at traffic lights, or there was no right turns in the CBD at certain hours or something silly like this.

    i just want to know the road rules i need to be careful that i dont break, thinking its ok just because it is in Vic...
  4. No u-turns at lights unless there's a sign indicating otherwise (not common).

    No footpath parking except in the city in marked bays.

    No turning left on a red.

    No idea about lane filtering (I don't do it a lot but I've never had any trouble).

    Expect them to be harsh if you have a fender eliminator.
  5. I thought been the land of milk and honey you could do anything you want?

    This is good as i will be up there in a few months.
  6. Adding to this good information -

    Most major intersections with lights (where u-turns are likely) are signed u-turn permitted or u-turn not permitted (speaking about Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast). While u-turns are not permitted unless otherwise signed, they are generally ok when there is no sign and it is safe to do so. That said, it should be a rare problem for you. Most major divided roads here have plenty of u-turn permitted intersections.

    Footpath parking is a no-no, especially in the city. Out in the 'burbs no one will really care where you part so long as it is right out of the way. You can't be as bold as you can down in Melbourne, but there are normally plenty of nooks around shopping centres and commercial strips that you can safely exploit.

    No going through red lights, doesn't matter how safe it is.

    Lane filtering is illegal but tolerated, so long as you are not silly about it.

    And yeah, local cops have a thing for fender eliminators - and other roadworthy/ADR things. Dunno why, but make sure you bike is up to spec.
  7. awesome, thanks guys :)

    the footpath parking will really get to me i think.
    probably staying at a backpackers in the city, fair chance i'll have to pay for parking. i dont like doing that :LOL:

    no fender eliminator on the VTR250 haha, not worth the coin. not ugly enough for it either :)