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[QLD] An exciting return (TLS_Gav previously in VIC)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Veetwin4me, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Hello all,

    Some of the guys in VIC will know me from when I used to ride in the late 90's early 00's but I sold my beloved TLS as the family life was begining.

    5 years later believe it or not I purchesed another TLS and have just finished restoring her (A little ratty with black/Red fairings as the budget started running out). The fork seals will be replaced tomorrow, hopefully with enough time for me to take it down to Qld transport to get the beast registered.

    I have seen the post for 3rd weekend rides in QLD and I 'd love to join in on these if they are still running. As this weekend is Indy it will have to start next month for me though.

    Looking forward to meeting you and catching up with old friends when i'm back in Vic either at x-mas or for the supers next year.

    Gav (VeeTwin4Me)

  2. Bout bloody time too ya malaka ;)

    Welcome back Gav,

    I'll see YOU on the 3rd ;)
  3. Welcome (back) Gavin :grin:
  4. Thanks mate...... I can feel the love
  5. Hi Gav ya great lanky hooning machine :)

    ZRX1200R = G-S in case you're wondering...
  6. Hey G-S,

    Good to hear from you.... How are you? tell me that list is your past bikes and not all current are they????
  7. Hehe They're his current harem of bikes.

    Welcome back to the 2-wheeled world mate. Still got that bucket of hardware? ;)
  8. ROFLOL, yeah mate I do and it's still in the bucket!!! I so want to get them framed or something.....