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[QLD] All Bikes (Shop)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Lobsta, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Had it mentioned offside a few times in different threads, so i was just making a thread to get honest opinions on purchasing a bike from the dealer AllBikes on Moss St in Slacks Creek.

    what i have heard is that they buy repairable write offs and repair them then sell cheap. that part i can believe as when i was in there i saw a fair few bikes that looked, for want of a better word, like repairable write offs...

    my main question is - is this practice an inherently BAD thing? the phrase REPAIRABLE write off implies that the bike could be repaired, but it is easier to replace it. if the repairs were to a servicable standard, is there really a problem with buying a repaired repairable write off? keep in mind that the bike that i buy will be

    a) to get me through my restricted period, so i would hold it for maybe a year and a half total

    b) a bit of a scratch board as far as me learning to do mechanical type things

    also, the guy at the store said that they would look after me with services and the like post sale. now, no bike store that made that claim would last long if they didnt follow through on it, so looking at opinions on that claim also.

    Looking for serious opinions about the merits of buying a bike from these guys, or whether i would be better to go for a private bike

  2. Re: AllBikes

    Wanna be real cheap.

    Usually much harder to on-sell a RWO.

    Have heard issues with some insurance companies not wanting to insure them - so ring around a few.

    Get the bit about "services and the like" in writing
  3. Lobsta, thread now moved to the right forum. Please read GDD sticky. Thanks.
  4. aww shucks, u sure are a nice bloke...
  5. most will have had a bent frame...you dont want a bent/dented frame. Even if it has been fixed.
  6. Re: AllBikes

    Are these guys ok to buy a bike off? Or are all their bikes repairable write offs?