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(QLD) Advanced course?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ward_4e, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. I'm looking to do a Stayupright advanced couse up at Mt Cotton on the 2nd and 3rd. just wondering if anyone else wanted to meet up and go along?

    The course starts on friday with some theory and the practical is on saturday. So drinks can be had after the course down in surfers!!! :p
  2. I'd be up for a couple of 'dinks', pity I'm in Sydney... :grin:
  3. Cost? Sounds good, 'cos I've been looking for a course to do.
  4. dyslexia its the bomnb!!!

    Cost Is $285 I'm booking in most probably next thursday! it looks prety good I talked to Max he is keen on a few more people to fill the course so I thought I'd ask you lot if you wanted to come...

  5. I'll run the budget by She Who Must Be Obeyed, but it looks very tempting and very worthwhile. Will keep ya posted in this thread. I'm out at Ipswich so probably won't want to ride down to Surfers and back after 8 hours at the track, but a more local coffee after the course would be great... and of course we could chat at lunch and stuff.
  6. WEEEEEllllll we will see depending on popularity where people come from etc after the course who ever turns up drinks could be up north at the coffee club in milton / brisvegas. Its two weeks away yet...
  7. also I'll put up a ride day etc in the calender once we have a few more people.
  8. Sorry dude, She Who Must Be Obeyed says that, with the kids starting back to school, we can't afford the February course, so I'll have to do one of the later ones. If you'd rather have company you could join me on one, but if you're keen to go ahead by all means do, and I hope you get someone else to come along.

    Sorry, pretty disappointing, but what can ya do?
  9. I've done two of those adv courses, worth every cent IMHO.

    Cornering and braking is even better, but should be done after the Adv cse I reckon.

    I can't justify another so soon (wanna do one every two years tho) but I'll drop in and say G'day on the day if I can.

    Say G'day to Wayne Clark (head instructor) for me, that man has gonads the size of melons to ride like he does :shock:

  10. will do.... you at CC on friday?
  11. Wic.... Paying for the course tomorrow and i will be having a day and a bits worth of fun!!!!

    I'll probbaly be giving a write up after the first day but I CANT WAIT.....