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Qld - Advance Rider Courses

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Grrila, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Did a bit of a search but couldn't come up with anything...

    Does anybody have any good recommendations for advanced rider courses in the Brisbane area? North or Gold Coast would be fine for me as well if there are better ones in those areas.

    I had a look at HART and they seem to be fairly basic and not much different to what we all did through Q-Ride? If it is a step up from this I would be pretty happy to do it but if it's just what I have already learned at Q-Ride then I can practice these skills on my own.

    Essentially what I'm chasing is a course that will help me in my cornering and braking skills for the twisites. I would also like to do some track day tuitions eventually too so if there are any recommended people to go with that would be great. Either weekend or weekday courses are fine

    PS: Sorry forgot my rider skills details. Basically been riding for a full year of just weekend stuff. Occasional twisites which is what I want to get more confident in as Nebo and Glorious still worry me. I've done the run 3 times now and it still scares me on some the tight downhill stuff. Lots of city and suburbia riding which I'm fairly comfortable with. Have my full R license and ride a z750.

  2. Any rider course will build upon skills previously taught. The aim of subsequent courses is to fine tune these skills and correct any poor habits that have developed. Some information may seem repetitive but it is quite surprising how much a person can miss just by information overload during the original course.

    I would suggest look at the hourly cost of tuition and use that as a starting point in comparisons.
  3. Just the Team Moto course on the weekend, at Mt Cotton. Basically the course is titled Advanced Braking and Cornerng Skills.

    Pretty good, and as a noobie, I have plenty to learn and focus on. Course is 8 hours all up. Morning was on the training pad, working on hard braking, slaloms, cornering and body positioning. Afternoon was taking those drills and piecing it together on the road course / track.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  4. Thanks fractalz and samboss,

    I'll look in into those options. I'm pretty keen to check out the team moto course. Does anybody have any good recommendations for track day tuitions?