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[QLD]A helping hand?

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Krollinator, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Is anyone free sometime next week (Preferably someone who has experience in dirt bikes) to come have a look at a bike with me? I'm okay with being level headed and shit, but I've never even really touched a dirt bike... So I was wondering if someone could give me a helping hand - I can chuck in a sixie or a carton of your favourite!

    It's down the coast so it's about an hours drive, but I'm happy if you want to jump in my car or even take yours! I've got a van so the bike will go in the back to be transported back to mine.

    Big thanks in advance if anyone can give me a hand. :)

  2. It's a shame your in QLD :( I would have come with you! What are you looking at btw?
  3. A yammy DT175, 97 model!
  4. This is your first dirt bike yeah? if you don't mind me asking what is your price range?
  5. Yeah mate, price range is limited, probably going up to about $1000, give or take a couple of hundred for the REAL right bike. But I'm after as cheap as possible...
  6. Ohk theres not much I can do from here anyway I was going to try and help you find something else newer but I can't :(

    If you can't get anyone to go with you use this guide: Used bikes in general

    and this specifically Dirt bike specific

    The main things to do are question the seller, why is he selling it? what has he done with it? eg racing or just back yard riding etc, Have any children ridden this bike? (because your bike is a small cc), do you have the log books? because its an old bike I wouldn't thing they would have it but points given if they do, do they have the manual? do the ergonomics of the bike fit you, sit on the bike and feel it. Can you easily change gears with the clutch?

    A test ride is a must but if you have never ridden a dirt bike before it might be hard, you don't want to ruin the bike you know? so maybe ask him to start the bike, make sure the bike isn't warm before hand, put your hand on the engine and see if its warm or the exhaust but only for a second because he might have started it before hand without you knowing. Does it have electric start, does it start with no trouble eg does he do something that isn't standard like some technique he uses? if it is only kick start can it kick over in a couple of kicks? I am guessing its carby so ask him when the last service was done on it and how regularly he changes oil, oil filter, air filter and what fuel he puts in it.

    I can keep going but I think those links I gave you will help you :)

    Good luck mate! don't rush into the buy! (I know I did but the bike I was looking at (WR450F) was in excellent condition) take time to look at it, if not in day time remember to bring a torch, even though a light maybe be on you wont see cracks on the bike. Also check the sprockets, chain and brakes for any large amounts of discolouration on them because generally if where the chain meets the rear sprocket is dirty it mean they don't take care in maintaining the bike, thats probably the first indicator of mistreatment.

    but yeah any more questions and I would be glad to help you :) Make sure to ask as many questions as possible here on netrider or on ThumperTalk and when you are there as well.

    Good luck again!
  7. When you thinking of going? I'm on arvo shift next so might be able to help...