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qld 28 april ride north or south

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Vertigo1, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Are people keen for a ride on sat coming up? Where to is up for discussion. I'm new to brissy and keen to explore and meet new riders.

  2. You'll probably get more folks interested in a north ride since it's closer to home for many but I'll be interested in coming along if ya end up cruising south. :)
  3. you say that like you wouldn't show up for a north run....

    i'm interested, though unsure if the ability matches the desire
  4. might go out on sunday , as new shoes get fitted saturday.
  5. I'm keen.
    North is good and I can handle early starts.

    Need to factor in the election, of course.
  6. Maybe. Will need time to get in a sausage sanga and can of Kirks Ginger Beer first, though. Oh, and exercise my right to vote etc.
  7. Well what's a decent ride for the south direction? Last week was a north run so might head south this time?
  8. Is the drive to Lamington any good?
  9. fill up and meet up at the BP at yattla, or nerag caltex, from there you have Tamborine, or almost any of the gold coast hinterland, even down to the tweed for lunch .

    That is sheepies stomping ground so i sure she could be convinced to suggest a few runs :)
  10. ATM I'm a big fan of heading down the highway to Beenleigh, inland from there and up Tambourine, down from there via Henri Robert drive towards Nerang. Back on the highway to head south to Mugeeraba and then in towards Springbrook. After the good bit of Springbrook, right onto Pine Creek road, and at the end of that you have two choices at Nerang-Murwillumbah road:

    - Left towards Murwillumbah: all the way down to Murwillumbah and then back up via Currumbin Valley (Tomewin rd)
    OR: continue on further down over Burringbar range via Tweed Valley Way to Mooball, then out to Pottsville from there.

    - Right towards Nerang: Head back north, until the turnoff on the left to Beechmont. Can follow the Beechmont all the way round to Canungra for a bite which is usually full of bikes. Can head back up Tambo from there via tambourine mountain road.

    ...really all comes down to how big a ride you want to do, but there's plenty of good stretches down that way. Keep an eye out for undercover cops (or any cops really) though, especially along Nerang-Murwillumbah Road, there was a fatal crash there last weekend so chances are they will be there. (that said, didn't see too many on Wednesday down that way)
  11. Damn rain, might organise this for another weekend.
  12. Yes. Cold, rain...we live in Qld and shouldn't have to put up with those on our leisure rides.
  13. Another glorious day in the Sunshine State.
  14. Oh my gosh... Wet much? Go away rain!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Absolutely pouring on the Sunshine Coast. I am still considering going for a ride, though!
  16. Surf is crap today too.
    If I don't find any fun soon I will have to service a harley, a viffer (major) and a top end rebuild on a posite bike.
    mmm hey wait a minute. rainy day...postie bikes. Ha ha mud challenge.