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QLD 2009 white with gold wheels GSX R 1000

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by j0sh, May 21, 2012.

  1. at 7pm ish tonight my bike was stolen from a guy "test riding the bike" i even went with him on another bike but of a smaller capacity and when the time was right he shot off! in collingwood park area 4301

    original number plates are 594GD


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  2. Mate that sucks. I'll keep an eye out.

    Gah some people are real scum of the earth aren't they.

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  3. That's crazy, guess the lesson here is to take the license or write the license details down. Hope you see it again
  4. ****! That's a total dog act. Hope your bike is found in good order.

    Photo's of the rider and license next time.

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  5. UPDATE: the bike had around 12,000km on the clock at the time of the test ride

    The bloke who took it said he was coming up through browns plains, so if that can believed might be down goldy way.

    The exhaust is a "scorpion" carbon fiber slip-on.
  6. How did he get there?

    Bad act buy the way. They used to hang horse thieves.
  7. Hope you had insurance... Pretty gutsy act to steal it even though you were there... Did you take down details.. Ring the cops etc..
  8. did you phopto heis drivers licence front and back , and how did he get to your house , a car?
  9. Bastard. I'll keep an eye out, chuck my disklock on it and call the cops if I see it parked anywhere.

    Hope you have insurance.
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  10. Can't believe the scums!
    Having said that, this is not the first time I heard about an incident like this.
    I recently sold my brother's bike and took as many precautions as possible. (still not 100% I guess)
    I took his licence, checked it and held onto it, took $500, took his car key and I followed him in my car while his mate waited by his car.
    He wasn't a thief and he actually bought the bike straight after the test ride. I felt bad doing all that, but he understood and it's better to be safe than sorry.
    Hope you find the bastard and your bike in one piece.
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  11. That sucks. I hope you get your bike back.
  12. What the f*ck is this world coming to... its shit like this that really pissed me off

    Good luck in finding it and I hope you have insurance - if youfind the guy smash his face in with a tire iron
  13. Hope you can find your bike in one piece and hopefully the guy in several.
  14. this really grinds my gears
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    Wow that is completely ridiculous. Sorry to hear, guess ill keep this in mind the next time I sell a bike. No chances eh

  16. Man, that's unlucky. Sold my 2009, same colour scheme only last weekend, and I'm just a little further towards Ipswich from you.

    Didn't get any details from him though?

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  17. I believe that there won't be any insurance on bikes up for sale and being test ridden. I'd delete this and be interstate when the bike was taken by some scum bucket
  18. Sorry to hear that mate. I live in the Ippy area, same as 'hackavatar' if I see it I'll disklock it and call the cops.
  19. Really feel for you mate. Nice looking bike.

    Will keep a lookout in VIC.
  20. Now THAT is the way to sell your bike dude! I wouldn't feel bad at all, if the buyer is genuine, they won't mind.