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[QLD] 2-up Weekender/3-day Suggestions

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Sooty, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. [QLD] 2-up Weekender/3-day Suggestions [UPDATE] Ride Report!

    Hi Folks,

    Looking for ideas on a 4 night/3 day trip (leave Thurs arvo 25th, come back Sun arvo).

    Southeast QLD, thinking Gold coast hinterland as I've not seen much of that.

    Camping/Cabin/Motel whatever is okay - have a biker swag/4 man tent etc.


  2. We ended up going to North Tambourine as it was close enough to try out the bike yet far enough to still be interesting.

    Left the Sunshine Coast about 3pm Friday arvo after about 30min packing the bike. At this point my thoughts about the soft rear spring were confirmed and had only a few inches of travel left before hitting the stops. The handling and steering weren't affected so we continued on.

    First stop over was at Wildhorse Mtn to check the luggage and to scoff down a Beefy's pie in front of my celiac girlfriend Julie, she had a carrot or something I think :D . I rolled my pie induced rotund arse back onto the bike and we were on the road once more.

    Next stop was at the Yatala pie shop. The temptation for a Pie shop crawl was tempting but I was already pushing it with the pillion... Luggage still attached to the back ([plug]thanks Andy for the quality straps and panniers[/plug]). Onwards up to the camp ground.

    The twisty mountain road up to North Tamborine was... interesting. I have an aftermarket centre-stand on the KLR that sits fairly low so this made for quite a few sparks on the tight bends given all the weight - even at rather conservative speeds and with sufficient lean by us. Was still faster around them than the cars so all was well.

    Made it with 30min to spare before it got too dark so we managed to pick a decent spot to set up camp and have a hot shower (hot showers are critical for motorcycling in the colder months I rkn, but I'm soft).

    Woke up the next morning to splatters of water on my face. It was absolutely soaking outside and it had exceeded the cheap tent's wet weather rating of 1 drop per hour. This was when I discovered that when I had hopped off the bike to go for a walk about the camp to find a spot the day before I had left my winter gloves on the seat, but didn't put them back on when I moved the bike... found two soaked gloves laying on the ground and I think wearing those wet gloves was the worst part of the trip.

    So back on the bike to go touring/walking around the local national parks all day. With the idea of dryness being a distant memory we managed to see most of the local parks and wildlife but the views were non-existant given the rain. However we did have a great breakfast and triple shot coffees at the 'Spice of Life Cafe and Deli' which was a nice, warm spot and I think we managed to dry our fingers which I promptly stuck back into the soaked gloves.

    Eventually we made it back to camp and figured that we weren't going to last much longer in the wet so we made an excutive decision to move camp to the 'Rainbow Station'. This was a kind of campground childcare facility that looked like it hadn't been used since the early 80's given the decore and funishings. Also we were the only people there so we figured no one would be worried about us messing up the facilities with our wet clothes.

    With our newly restored temperaments we had a go at using all of the hotwater by laying in the fetal position in the shower stalls for a few hours twitching in ecstacy every so often.

    We then set out in the rain again to get mexican from "Sam's Chilli Den" which we had eyed off while visting the tourist info centre. After making ourselves fat on nachos and tortillas we went back to camp and slept as well as one can with a thin matress on cold concrete.

    Next morning brought the best looking weather I've seen for quite a while. It was a fresh clear slightly cloudy day just right for going for an extended motorcycle tour of the area. After breakfast we went out to check out the 'Glow-worm cave' (rip off!) and the botanical gardens (very good, especially the Japanise garden). Then we had a German lunch at the Tatra Winery (nice view, food was basic and expensive - wished I checked the reviews but it was a random stop off, the place down the road a bit seemed a lot better) and then went off for a ride to Beechmont and back via Mt Nathan. Got RBT'd too and the usual story of "we've already sc****d a motorcyclist off the road today" seems everytime I get tested a motorcyclist dies...

    Monday we packed up and set home via the inland route via Beaudesert/Boonah and up past Wivenhoe/Somerset since it was a nice day for a ride and I wanted to avoid traffic. Making sparks and bottoming out every so often but still maintaining 110kph* with ease further maintaining my view that the KLR650 is still the ass (given that that the '08 series looks like a KLR250 bonked a ER-6f) of motorcycles given a few cheap mods.

    All in all it was a good trip. Things I learnt:
    • Re-inforced my view that it's best to stick to camp cooking as it's cheap and you can't be disappointed
    • Weather doesn't matter - it just makes it something more to remember
    • Always have wet gear and dry gear, and keep the dry stuff dry!


    Woke up to a rather wet Saturday morning, but bugger it we're going for a ride to find some 'ecotourism' walks (and coffee).

    The views weren't too good given the rain...

    But the rain made sure the waterfalls were going well.

    Got sick on the wet so we sought shelter in a disused childcare facility in that was next to the camp grounds.

    Sunday brought perfect weather.

    Zingi and Julie near Beechmont

    The botanical gardens are pretty good