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[QLD] 11/09/11 Brisbane Ride

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Sheepy, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Anyone feel like going for a cruise in a couple of weeks? It's been a while since there was a Brisbane ride.

    Could do the Kilcoy loop (Mt Glorious, Kilcoy, Mt Mee ect) starting at The Gap BP on either Sat the 10th or Sunday the 11th?
  2. is a tempting offer,
  3. Interested. I'll be along if I can.
  4. Sounds like a good idea :)
    Good chance for me to meet people from here !
  5. I'll see what I'm up to closer to the date but I'm keen.
  6. Sounds good !!!
    ill have to check the roster tho
  7. i can't :'(
    nephews birthday
  8. Sounds good. Put me down as a yes. The end of Mount Glorious to Kilcoy is a bit rough, though.... Could always cruise up to Maleny via Booroobin road (think dozens of 100kph sweepers up and down like a rollercoaster with breathtaking views) also depending on what others think? Kenilworth even??
  9. [MENTION=26145]puffin86[/MENTION] - You've been reading my ride report, haven't you? LOL. I'd be happy to do it again.
  10. Looks promosing for me - atm I'm working in the arvo at 430 - so i should be able to make it :)
  11. Yes I have read it. But I've been doing this ride for a while now, and it's an absolute gem. In fact, I'm thinking of doing it this weekend if the rain clears!

    In any case, it was only a suggestion... I'm happy to do whatever is being done.
  12. Are you able to confirm that you're intending it for the Sunday?
    If so, I'll be looking to do an easier ride on the Saturday.
  13. Sunday is fine if those that want to come along agree, if ya want to run a Saturday ride I have no issues cancelling out and doing the Saturday ride instead with you Rustgold. :) I'm not familiar with the riding roads north of the GC just thought it'd be neat to do a north ride so I'm happy to go with the flow.
  14. Same - same. Happy to go where the group want to go.
  15. There shouldn't be any need to cancel, for they're massively different types of rides.
    Lake Moogerah is something for a day out, Mt Glorious/Mt Gee is to push your limits.
    (I'm flexible on when I go; I'm going that way to see how far it is :) )

  16. Bridge to Brisbane is on that Sunday so I won't be making it. If on another weekend or that Saturday would be good though.
  17. If I can clear it with the misses i'm in! Adam: meet up at Taigum shops? :)
  18. Rusty: should just combine the rides. More fun with a bigger group rather than two small groups. It never works.
  19. Puffin: just noticed you have a StreetTrip too.. i'll see if Wazza can come too.. he's got a St3r like me. Make it a pseudo StreetTrip ride! ;)