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QBE will beat any price

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mainstage, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. a big thumbs up here for QBE insurance .

    Last week I was doing the big search around for fully comp bike insurance for my 2007 vfr .

    insurance my ride $466
    swann $540
    Shannon's $612

    And just for a bit of fun RACV $1006.00 =D>=D>

    Then when I rang ( they don't do online quotes) QBE insurance they ask what is the cheapest price you have and we can match it ' .

    And they did $410.00 .
    Good phone experience and the paper work arrived 5 days later .

    So i would say give them a try. :)
  2. I think they only beat the lowest price for the first year, after that you're back to their original quote?

    EDIT: Looks like I'm wrong, see below.
  3. mmmm OK I'll be watching that '' cheers
  4. that's not been my experience with QBE; in fact my premium has stayed much the same for over 6 years, despite a couple of claims
  5. I am with QBE. They were the cheapest I found and did it all online. The variation in prices is pretty crazy for the same benefits and excess fees.
  6. Yeah I have a motorcycle magazine with a QBE ad that says we will beat any price*. (* is tl;dr) I was a bit skeptical at that but it looks like they are for real. =D>
  7. Nah, on renewal you can just present another quote.
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  8. I had my older Blade with QBE and it was about $320,till 2 years ago when I bought my 09 Repsol Blade,it jumped to about $850 then last week they sent my renewal and it had gone up to $977.
    So I rung them to see what discount I could get and they dropped it to $924,whoopie bloody doo..I asked if I could get back to them with a quote to beat and she said as long as it was same cover for gear they would look at it,,so Insuremyride was $729.
    then I got onto Famousinsurance which I thought "who".They go through Calliden which my seem ok.anyway they come up with $529.So I rung QBE and she said cos it was such a big difference she would have to refer it to Supervisor,
    Well they got back to me today and they will do it for $525,saves me over $400,,
    Seems they are good for their word.
  9. I actually had IMR beat QBE. The QBE premium went up due to some crap about a speeding fine from two years ago.

    While QBE does seem to be rather cheaper, there does seem to be a reason for that. Of all the painful insurance stories I've heard, they have a considerable monopoly on them. Not saying that every claim comes with a problem, just to be wary.
  10. I had my triumph insured with QBE. They price matched IMR. Bike got stolen, today they rang me to tell me I need to pick up brand new bike from Team Moto Virginia. 3 weeks to settle the claim. Cant say I am unhappy with QBE.
  11. I didn't have such a good experience - perhaps I got a new guy or something - they were prepared to match the quote but the excess was $1000 rather than $400, didn't really seem right to me and really not a good deal, so stuck with my current insurer. FWIW This was a few years ago.
  12. At present I'm with IMR and have ben for 2 years. But next year I think I'll go with Swann. You need to look at the PDS of the people insuring you and not just go with the cheapest quote. Sometimes the extra $$$ at premium time are worth it in the long run.
  13. That reminds me after taking out my insurance I rang back two weeks later to do the right thing and tell them about my speeding fines ( I originally forgot )

    10 points over 3 Years and the price stayed the same """ nice
  14. Make sure you have an agreed valuation on that, when they wrote off my Hyo the payout was $1500 less the excess. After arguments and threats of legal action I got that up to $2500. So no bike for me now...
  15. I've always found QBE good at the time of sale but hit and miss at the time of payout. They will insist on dotting all the T's and crossing all the i's before payout and even then I've seen payouts delayed. Personally I guess they are mucking around with cash flow by optimizing payouts around the salvage auctions.

    Don't get me wrong, I'll still insure with them, it's just something to be aware of.
  16. You've got to remember that QBE has some ridiculous share of the motorcycle market, so you might be more likely to hear negative stories.
  17. My insurance premium with QBE went from just under $1,000 last year to nearly $1,200 this year. I rang around and found a better price for the same level of cover (actually slightly better because they cover my modifications as well) with InsureMyRide, so I went with them. I would rather send my money to the company that already has the competitive price than do a load of running around myself to get quotes that my current insurer may or may not match.
  18. They will match it, providing the gear cover is the same. (Ie nothing or 4k).
  19. QBE have been great with me. I did crack the preverbial with them over the phone once but that was neither here nor there. The price was good and they have come through on claims.

    For the record, that's not matching a quote. So you should have told him to stick it up his nose and to be transferred to someone high enough on the pay scale to either fix the problem or soak up the abuse for false advertising.
  20. Dam, i just did an online quote and they rang me, sadly they wont insure you if your bike is parked on the street.