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QBE wants to charge me for being inexperienced rider

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by papermate, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Hello gang....

    I was taken out by a car recently, however there is a dispute on liablility. The lady is claiming i ran up the back of here, where i am claiming she pulled out into my lane.
    Despite there being damage only to her VERY left bumber and REAR light, QBE has informed me that they do not think they can be succesful in claiming.

    Therefore i am stuck with an excess.

    Its $500 standard....plus a $250 inexperienced rider.

    Thing is....I've held my motorbike licence since May 2006. Granted it was my L's, i moved to P's and have been unrestricted since November 2007...

    My question is, technically Ive held a motorbike licence for more than 3 years, and the Policiy nowhere states that it has to be a full motorbike licence, so unless anyone can convince me otherwise.... I dont think i should have the pay the inexperienced rider excess.


  2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but if the front of your vehicle hit the rear of her's, they you're in the wrong, and the insurance company is just following the law.....
  3. If its not in any of the policy I would tell them to piss off..

    You just need to make sure that its not hidden in the policy at all or that they have not amended it
  4. Also bear in mind - Ls is a permit, not a license, so technically you can't count that time. Depends on their definition of "inexperienced" which should be somewhere in the PDS/policy schedule etc.

    What Hornet said is generally correct, although as far as I am aware you are obliged to give way when making a turn (changing lanes is considered a turn) regardless, so 'fault' depends on the exact circumstances of your incident.

    Happy to be proven wrong, but that's my understanding.
  5. is there much damage to the bike??

    If there is hardly and damage to the car. just ask her to get a couple of quotes and youll just pay cash for the repairs, if you dont want your premium to go up. It might be worth it over having a record with the insurance company.
  6. the damage to the car was exactly on the corner. it could be classified as rear or side, but either way is not more significant than the other. insurance said, if i had scraped the side of her car a little further down they would have a case, but as it stands, it was not looking good for me.

    i ride a 07 zx6r, so the cosmetic damage was significant. i hit it at approx 50 - 60km an hour, and it was hardly moving, so it would be unreasonable to think that my damage cost would be less than $750.....

    incidently, ive actually calculated time from Nov 2006 till now and despite the number 6 and 9 indicating 3 years, inclusively I am just under the 3 year limit and therefore will have to pay the inexperienced rider excess.


    this thread can be closed now.
  7. Be thankful that he additional excess wasn't $1500 like Insuremyride's.
  8. Did police attend the crash?

    Not always - what if the car was stationary beside the road and just pulled out in front of the rider without giving way? This happened to my friend recently (luckily he was in a car and not on a bike) and the other driver was found to be at fault.

    Not surprising really, it is just common sense.
  9. At least it sounds like you are ok physically (you haven't mentioned otherwise).
    You agreed to that excess when you signed up. I realise it's "agreed to" in the sense of a gun to the back of your head, but you still signed the paperwork.
    It sucks, but there it is.

    Perhaps the way to look at it is "At least I only have to pay the first $750 of this huge repair bill!".
  10. Shame you weren't driving a semi-trailer.
  11. However the Insuremyride inexperienced rider excess is only for the first year of riding. 3 years is a long time for an inexperienced rider catergory.

  12. +100

    if the damage to the car isnt significant, i would do what DANNIBOI said. could be better in the long run