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QBE Insurance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by conspiracytheorist, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. I'm in the process of getting the SV insured at the moment, and I figured I'd try qbe, grab the ctp and tppd with them to get a good discount. But when I rang them, they told me that they can't insure me for tppd because the bike isn't always garaged..

    I asked why, they didn't really give me a clear answer. Anyone know?

  2. mate you will only get a ctp discount with them if you have comp insurance aswell. to me not giving you tppd insurance on a bike wich itself is not covered in the event of theft makes no sense what so ever and the guy is talking shit. unless theft is included on the policy? NB from memory is a high risk area in some parts for theft.
  3. Nope.
  4. Eh, I just went with nrma for tppd, $210.

    And ctp with qbe, $440

    I'm happy enough..

    Now to go to rta to hand over rego money, transfer fees, new plate money, and probably a 'becausewecan' tax.
  5. Did you try GIO for the CTP?

    I found them $100 cheaper than any other insurer
  6. Yeah, 700ish :(

    NRMA wouldn't budge on 728! Fools..
  7. are you still using your old man as a primary? i got qouted 680 bucks for CTP on the XR from QBE. kharnts.
  8. Yes, he is primary.. because he rides it 90% of the time...


    I mentioned to them that it was so much cheaper than NRMA, and they said ctp is that cheap no matter the age because it has to cover everyone.. or something like that.
  9. So you paid $340 for CTP? - That's cheap
  10. yeah GIO is that price, clincher is that you have to be under 25, not a problem for you mate :wink:
    the other plus is that gio does extend at fualt driver cover.
  11. I've used GIO, always pretty cheap and good service / cover.