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QBE Claim - underway

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by rdkls, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Hello to all QBE employees!
    (i was just on the phone to one friendly qbe employee who said he couldn't give me his username on netrider but did use it mainly to insult people, haha)

    This thread's mainly to document my experience with the QBE claim I currently have running.

    2 weekends ago (Sun June 20th)
    I lowsided when I hit a patch of dirt in a corner.
    We went down, snapped left peg, bent forks, bars, dented tank, bent clutch lever, broke front guard and left indicator.
    Gear - jacket pretty scuffed, draggins torn (though kevlar intact), helmet scraped. Gloves and boots minor scratches, not too bad.
    Grazes on the knee and aches/sprains (still) but I'll survive.

    That night emailed that I had had an accident and attached photos (probably unnecessary).

    2 days later (Tue June 22)
    call from QBE, asked my nearest dealer/shop, said freestyle honda, said cool take it there and they'll check it out.
    Gear - he emailed me an excel spreadsheet to fill out, send back in a box with the gear. Pretty efficient I reckon.

    Thu June 24th - Took bike down to mechanics
    Fri June 25th - Sent off gear & form

    Mon June 29th
    Call from assessor asking (pretty sure...) what's happening. Haven't heard anything, so call the shop to ask what's happening. They say they've checked it briefly but pretty sure it's a write-off so have asked assessor to come.
    Call back QBE and pass this on, they say the assessor will get out there and check it out, will let me know when this is done.

    Tue June 30th
    Decided since it'll prob. be a writeoff, get another VTR250
    Find some I like. One which apparently has a muffler too loud for rwc, sounds good ...

    Quotes on comp. insurance required.
    Quote from QBE for this one (4 speeding tickets, Ps & claim...) was premium $778, excess +$300
    Shopping around -
    Insure My Ride - Excess $800, premium $400
    Swann - $542 (much cheaper) - no mention of excess?
    Suncorp - heard are also good, gonna give them a call tomorrow
    RACV online estimate is $478, excess $850 (inexperienced) - but no Qs re: speeding/prev claims

    So far pretty good service.
    Though shame the premium for my next bike jumped so much with the speeding tickets and claim (I was expecting mainly higher excess)

    Thu Jul 4th
    Call from assessor, confirming bike is write-off and has been towed
    Will need to get form from QBE
    Asks what the diy bracket on the rhs was for .... was for a camera
    he thought maybe a flag .... not a bad idea .... what flag would i fly on my bike .... probably the pirate flag ....

    Fri Jul 5th
    Call from QBE guy confirming writeoff
    Need to get proof of purchase & rego transfer to them to progress claim
    Assuming claim is accepted - they have valued gear at $1100 (pretty good considering I paid around $1300 for it)

    Sun Jul 7th
    Went out and checked out another VTR from Bikesales.
    Black 2006, only 2200 on the clock, very tight and new, now mine :]

    Mon Jul 8th
    Cancel rego with vicroads
    Apparently in the event of a writeoff you can claim back the $$ for unused months remaining on your rego.
    However need letter from insurer saying it's ok
    However it's in the policy QBE get the bike and all onroad costs (i.e. THEY get to claim back the unused months on my rego .....)
    Seems a bit sly to me but most people probably don't care about it ....
  2. onya kishy :LOL:
  3. give AAMI a call, i found them awesomely cheap. QBE for me was about $1200, whilst AAMI had it down to about $700. so for you, that should be around $500 maybe less?

    only downside, $200 gear cover. i think excess is $400-500.

    glad its all working out mate :)
  4. Thanks Nibor will do
  5. speak to an independant broker as well.
  6. FAIL ;)

    Sounds more like QW to me...
  7. Wow, that is real cheap. I'm assuming you also ride a VTR250, nibor?
    Did you have to hassle anyone to get it down to that price or was that just the standard?
  8. wow thats great for AAMI Nibor, they quoted me double what i pay with Swann and i have a car and home policy with AAMI\
  9. Stitched up comp. insurance for the new bike over the weekend, went with Ebike (http://www.ebikeinsurance.com.au)

    RACV were pretty good about $530 or so

    Ebike came in at $523
    (told them what RACV quoted and they beat it)
    Pretty good considering they also cover $4k gear,
    include roadside assistance
    So far they've been very responsive, happy camper.
  10. hopefully you never have to make a claim with them... they are the worst insurance company i have ever been with. :censored: They don't have a clue. I had an off on a sunday afternoon stuck in the middle of nowhere in Tassie. The people who hit me had everything of theirs organised (accommodation, rental, car, and ready to pay my damages etc) within an hour, I had to organise everything myself from a hospital bed. The Ebike office was not contactable till monday (even when their message bank said they open at 8am phones were not on til after 9 grrr...) so if you have an accident after 5pm or on the weekend goodluck getting help. They couldn't even find a tow truck company. They were no help at all, took them 4 months to even contact the insurance company of the people who hit me (even after calling them heaps). And after 5 months Ebike is still loosing my file! can't wait till all of it is over so I can leave and go to another insurance company. never again will i insure with ebike. :butt:
  11. oh ..... jeez that sounds terrible ...... if i'd heard that i would have gone racv .... ah well maybe next year ......
  12. if you have just signed up you have a cooling off period. Read the policy first. My prob was I had my accident on the 3rd day on my bike had gone to pick it up from tassie. Hadn't read the policy (didn't have internet access) and they kept forgetting to sent it out. (took them 6 weeks) think the cooling off period is 21 days. This should have been a sign before I went with them. Mine was "not at fault" i would hate to see what they are like if it was my fault. Oh well you live and learn. I have find someone else now. Goodluck with yours :grin:
  13. Well I just got insurance from Swann. $350 for comprehensive, whereas IMR and AAMI were $1200, and QBE $750. I believe the main difference was that Swann said that as a 25+ driver with 5 years open car license, it didn't matter that I was new to riding.

    Pretty happy :)
  14. rdkls

    I dropped my bike on sunday, its probably a write off, and I'm with qbe too, atm I'm just filling out the excel sheet for apparel claim, it says proof of purchase of the gear, did you supply them? because I normally don't store the receipt in a safe and secure place.
  15. Nup I didn't, just filled out the spreadsheet date of purchase, price etc
    You're right who the hell keeps receipts from purchase of their gear

    They can always check the RRP for the gear, and depreciate as per age to see if your claim is reasonable or not .... ring them up and talk to them, they were ok on the phone with me ...
  16. 12-8-2009 (ca.) faxed bike rego & purchase details through
    26-8-2009 called to see what was up, apparently they were trying to call me this weekend (had been away). paying me purchase price - excess
    Sending me out release, I have to sign return ......
    really is a lot of dicking around ...