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Q3Arena's Vanilla MT-07.

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  1. Q3Arena submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Q3Arena's Vanilla MT-07.

    Read more about this showcase item here...

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  2. That's a great looking bike in an excellent colour scheme.

    Go Pies :)
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  3. Looks good mate, a tail tidy will make it look great :)
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  4. Nice. Congrats on your new bike. I love my mt 07. Have a ball riding it.
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  5. Stunning! Great choice Q3ArenaQ3Arena :) Love white too. Enjoy your new girl, she'll look after you really well ;)
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  6. Very nice looking. These are LAMS approved? Ia there a non LAMS version available?

    These are one of the bikes on my short list for down the track...
  7. Congrats mate - great shots.

    Enjoy :)
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  8. Only LAMS MT-07's available at the moment but the rumour is that Non LAMS may come in 2016. There is also a rumour that ABS will be an option on the 2016 bikes.

    I really had a hard time initially deciding between this and the Street Triple. After riding them both the MT-07 was just more of an all round fun bike. Very upright seating position. I really loved the Triple but it was a lot more sportier than I wanted at the moment. That Triple engine and the exhaust note is a thing of beauty though. I will definitely own one at some point :) I know it sounds silly talking about a new bike on the day you have just bought one but i like to have "goals". Next in line is a Ducati Monster 821. I may even keep the MT-07 to ride to work. Who knows :)
  9. My pics look like crap compared to yours but I will try to take a few decent ones to add at some point!

    Thank you. I most certainly will enjoy. I am so happy I chose the MT-07 :)
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  10. Congrats and enjoy! let the modding begin.
    I too was surprised at low cost of insurance, cheaper than ninja 300 for me....maybe because it's still relatively new and doesn't have much of a crash history.
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  11. I picked mine up friday, it's so nice to ride! Congratulations on the purchase :)
  12. Snap!! Me too. Friday was a good day for Yamaha :) Thanks dude!

    Congrats to you also.

    I did 100km yesterday and another 115km today! I'm loving it :)
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  13. Sounds like I should head west and you and your Bro should head east....

    We can bring all the Yams together :)

    Glad you're getting on with the new girl.
  14. Thank you :)

    You never know your luck. I have always wanted to do the Great Ocean Road so why not by bike :)

    Probably late Spring or something like that :)
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