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Q: why do manufacturers produce black or grey bikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by blacknblue, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Hi All :)

    Sorry for the newbie Q but, why do manufacturers produce black or grey bikes, when being seen and staying safe is our No.1 priority out there?
    Same Q for bike apparel ... I don't understand it :roll:

    Thanks in advance
  2. That'll be the car lobby.
    Total fallacy.
    There are a million cars out there, one day one of them wont see you.

    (PS: You're not a pushbike rider are you? That sort of death-talk gets hammered all over the place against those poor bastards, it's always the bike riders that has to make the effort, even after all that it's still the fluro jacket with reflective tape on the panniers that gets pulled out of the driverside door.)
  3. Yeah, that's why we ride motorcycles.
  4. from what I have read, black is actually a safer colour than white on the road.. white will tend to blend in with buildings, reflections and glare haze.. while black stands out against these..

    but the reason they make black bikes is the same reason they build bikes that can do over 100km's in 1st gear - BECAUSE BUYERS WANT THEM
  5. would you preferr yellow or fluoro orange with flashing helmets and jackets ...
    The aim is to see them before the dont look at you What ever the color ,Ive had a yellow and white RG250w they still pulled out on me just as much as owning a big black 1000 if they dont look they dont look..
  6. I did say I was new, 4 days actually ... :roll:
    Thanks for the sensible replies
  7. Apparently once you've had black you can't go back......
  8. Tiger1050 forums worked out quite carefully that black Tigers are the fastest! :)

    More seriously though; most bikes come in colours other than black - if you'd personally prefer a non-black bike, then purchase a non-black bike. :) One presumes that black is popular enough that that's why they continue to sell them.

    Personally I prefer to augment my visibility with "bright" (eg: mostly-red) armour jacket, and actively staying visible by road placement. Despite only owning black motorcycles, my motorcycling career (brief as it's been so far) has been relatively event free IMHO.

    Blind-spot related, not "didn't see the bike" related.
  9. Because people buy them.
  10. I cant speak for the grey but black is faster
  11. Some guys just don't get that there are other colors other than black. My next bike I plan to go crazy, moving from my usual black bike to a flat black, matt black, or maybe satin black.

    So many choices and so few bikes :cry:
  12. well how about this, u all want to be seen on the road.. so why on earth would u where camoflague rider apparel..

    tha act of camo is to hide lol

    meh i think its fcuking hillarious :D
  13. coz black bikes are fcuking sexy.

    and regarding gear. would you take these guys seriously if they were wearing hot pink leathers?

  14. +500 ;)

    I can't help but giggle like a schoolgirl when I see a rider wearing camo's. ;)
  15. Well, back in the olden days ( when I was a girl ) we only really had one choice for the colour of our leather jackets - Black. Gradually nice colours evolved and were made available to the masses. ( my 1st suit was a Stag - blue with red and white stripes . mmmm :shock: ) but everyone still favoured black. So its just continued. Brando jackets dont look good in any other colour :wink:
  16. Cars, and Bikes, were originally painted black as it was the fastest drying paint colour in the factories.

    It's a tradition carried on.

    Mind you, some bikes look great in black, it just shows its dirty easily.
  17. There are three men sitting in a room, a white man, a very dark skinned man and an olive skinned guy. The dark skinned guy is screaming his head off. As you enter the room, who do you look at first?

    Exactly, loud pipes save lives.
  18. I'm pretty sure I saw some actual science (gasp!) in a post here once that said that, counter-intuitively, black bikes and helmets were actually more visible than even some brightly-coloured ones. (Side rant: when everyone and his dog (sometimes literally) is wearing hi-vis, it kind of loses its impact.)

    I guess for me the bottom line is always going to be 'assume you're invisible, no matter what colour you're riding or wearing'. Just healthier that way. You'll get SMIDSY's (sorry mate, I didn't see you) either way, and colour won't make a huge difference.

    And +1 on loud pipes - my black Bandit gets plenty of attention because it's willing to yell for it

    And on camos, certainly some like the yellow camo Draggins are never going to be adopted by the army (unless they're asked to patrol Mardi Gras)
  19. If you ride like you're invisible, then it makes no difference.

    Responsibility for avoiding accidents all comes down to the awareness of the rider, and really has very, very, little to do with what they're wearing.

    Take a look out your window during the day. Tell me how much black you actually see out there in comparison to a grey road, red bricked houses, green grass and trees, cream coloured side-walk, and so on. I see pretty close to zero black out my house window, and if someone walked past wearing all black, they stand out like dogs balls.

    Ah, but what about at night you'll say. Yep, walk around at night and tell me if you can see what colour cars are from more than 30m away when it's really dark. You can't. May as well be black anyway. That big headlight shining in your eyes tends to get your attention though.

    In summary, black is no more dangerous than any other colour, except for maybe tree green camos in the hills, yellow-green camos in the fields, or grey-blend camos in the city, and the entire bike+rider would need to be decked out in that camo colour. Camo's, as well, tend to only really be effective when stationary. Very easy to see someone moving around in camo's. It's only when they stop, and hide, and you you're not looking out for them that it's hard to see.

    People who complain about black, urban camo pants, blue, green, or whatever give me the shits. Pack of f*cking bored safetycrats who want to apologise for those dumb-arse idiots within the driving population who can't even spot semi-trailer trucks pulling out, let alone a motorbike, and those people who make no attempt to head check at all, and put the blame back on the other road users that they "failed to see". You can be as visible as you like, if someone doesn't look, they're not going to see you.

    I'll ride with whatever colour I feel like, and I'll manage my own road position and safety by myself, thank you very much. What colour bike I'm riding, or colour gear I'm wearing will have next to zero difference on my overall safety.
  20. I used to buy into this argument because I used to ride a noisy bike around inner Melbourne. I now have the motorcycling equivalent of a Bernina sewing machine in terms of noise, and I don't think I get seen/noticed/cut off/mistreated any more or less.

    Ride to be seen and you will be seen, unless encountering someone totally inconsiderate, stupid or psychopathic in which case defensive riding won't put you in a position to be compromised.