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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by droy333, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Wasnt too sure where to put this but figured this will have to do.

    Just got a question...

    "Progress directly from a learner permit to a class R licence if you hold a current drivers licence and have held that licence for 3 years"

    What do they classify as 3 years? 3 years of open licence or 3 years including provisional but excluding learner licence.

    Im looking to go from my learners to an open licence in as little lessons as possible. I've had my learners for bike for a few years now and my car licence including P's for almost 5 years.

    Any help would be great!! :)

  2. you've had a drivers license for 3 years, so yes you can do qride on a 251<cc bike and qualify for your R license
  3. They actually end up asking if you have held your open licence for "3 of the past 5 years". Technically speaking, this means that you could have held a suspended licence for the past 2 years, and still qualify.

    I have held an open licence for 11 years and held went straight from my bike learners to 'R' - "Open Unrestricted" licence...

    Hey Droy. Where are you located and have you spoken to any Q-Ride operators yet? I just completed mine with a great place and more than happy to recommend them if you like.

  4. There's been a few changes with licensing that's come into effect at the start of this month. So you might want to double check with Queensland Transport about what the go is thesedays!
  5. I've spoken to Ride-A-Bike or something like that in Nerang on the gold coast via email. I asked them questions and I couldnt understand their response. I live on the gold coast. I dont want to muck around getting P's and stuff. Just want unrestricted just so I have it there if I ever want to upgrade.

    So what I gather from you guys is I can do the R "Open Unrestricted" Q-Ride course and go Straight to my Opens from my Learner because I have both had my Car Licence for more than 3 years within the past 5 years and I have had my Learners for more than 12-18 months.

    Is that correct? I may contact other Q-Ride qualified buisnesses to confirm further also as they would need to be up to date with all the latest Q-Ride laws and regulations.

    Its not Like I havent riden bigger bikes and to be honest its all the same crap but a different size and colour.

    It just sucks seeing other learners you could ride circles around yet we're on the same licence...
  6. The place I did mine were called "Smart-Ride" and operate at either Runcorn (Southside) or Boondall (Northside).

    The course I did with them was a 2.5 day course. The first session was a half day (3 hour) intro/learn session. The second day (6 hour) was a more advance (same stuff but more advanced level) type day with a road ride.

    If you are wanting to go for an open unrestricted licence (R) then the 3rd day is pretty much the same as the second, but you do it on a 500cc as opposed to a 250 on the forst 2 days.

    The total session was $550 inc GST and was well worth it. The instructor was knowlegdable and very friendly....
  7. Hate to burst ur bubble tubby but it's ride smart! :grin: I second what tubby has said. Great instructor, great price and great fun. Definitely wouldn't hesitate recommending them.
  8. Car p's or o's or combined for 3 years = you can go for qride R (unrestricted)

    full stop

    No period of learner license required.


    Also regardless of whether you get RE (restricted to 250<) or R you will still be on opens for the bike endorsement.

    Would of taken you 2 minutes to find this on the qld transport website if you looked.

    ps i also recommend ridesmart

  9. QLD Transport site says everything backwards though and doesn't tell you specifically whether P's are included in the 3 years or not.

    Its all sorted. Don't really want to go all the way to Runcorn so I'll just do it down here somewhere. Might suggest the advanced course on a 500 right away then. See if I can do it in 1 or 2 lessons.
  10. "You can progress directly from your motorbike learner licence to a class R (motorbike) licence if you have held your class C (car) licence for at least three years."

    Yes, it is terribly complex.
  11. Was wondering how long it would take until I came across an asshat on these forums. If you don't have anything nice to say or anything helpfull then don't bother wasting people's time.
  12. Seems to be a habit of his droy :wink:
  13. A provisional license is still a license, just use some common sense man - these qride questions pop up every week and everytime it could of been answered within 2minutes if the op had of done the tiniest of research.
  14. So ignore the threads if they shit you that much :)
  15. A learner licence is still a licence but they don't include that. Also some people come here not only looking for an Answer to their question but story's of experience. If you don't like the repeating threads of new members dont read them or post in them.

    Now go waste time staring at a tree instead of spreading your written diarrhoea all over these Forums.

    Thread End.
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