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Q-Ride wrap up

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dan, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. I did my Q-Ride on Saturday, which is essentially the open licence test in Queensland. Thought I'd share a bit about the experience.

    In QLD, learners do not take a pratical test, they just answer a written test (5 questions for open car licence holders). Then you are to gain experience by riding with an open bike licensed (and had it for at least a year) person in your company, or if they have had 2 or more years, they can ride pillion :shock: :shock: :shock: If you already have experience, get your L's, and do the Q-Ride the next day - open licence :D (presuming you have an open car licence)

    Since we don't know anyone up here willing to train us, it was lucky me and the missus had some experience down in VIC riding on our own.

    We started off with a breifing were we were explained a little bit about things we need to know on the road, tricks and tips etc a lot like the Vic L's test gave us.

    Then we headed out on the road to travel to our test site, and jumped straight onto 400/600's. Having only every riden a cruiser style 250, the other half struggled with the aggressive riding postion of the 400 and the jerky throttle. The two instructors rode 900s.

    We made it up to the servo about half a kay away, were we were to fill up. After waiting to find a free pump, we all waddled over and lined up the bikes to be filled simultaneously. While walk-riding the bike to the pump, the other half grabbed a bit too much front brake when stopping (at about 2kph) and lost balance. Over came the bike, taking out the brake lever. At this point her confidence and nerves were shot, she never recovered and decided to sit out the rest of the testing (but came along anyway). :(

    An instructor rode the maimed 400 back to the shed and returned with the only other steed they had, which was a 900. I volunteered to do the test on it :shock: It had oodles of power, took me few minutes on the road to stop jerking the 10mm travelling throttle (our old SR 250 :evil: throttle travels almost all the way round :D )

    We arrived at the test site, a big peice of tarmac just right for the purpose. Being a competency based test, the onus was on the rider to display the various competencies. Riding on the road to/from the site was one, inlcuding good general road behaviour and the common skills.

    The tarmac bit (which I dreaded the most) was an emergency brake (from 40-50 kph), a slalom along cones placed about 3 metres apart (easy) and a figure 8. Once we figured out the trick to the figure out (and all u turns for that matter) everyone found it dead easy. We all went around about 10 times, the first was awful, the last was perfect. The trick is to load up the engine, and use the back brake to keep regular speed. This way you fool the engine into thinking it is going uphill, and you aren't affected as much by road camber or change of lean angle. :wink:

    Thinking that I would have trouble with the figure 8, the emergency brake turned out to be the killer. I thought I would coast it in, but it seems that my skills haven't improved a lot on the road with this. (The 20 year old front drums on the SR250 don't help) After about 7 goes, I had it down pat though.

    The beauty of the competency based test is that you can have a few goes, and eventually, if you get the hang of it, you have passed that skill. Not a huge fan of the "this is the test run, one go only, stuff it up and you come back another day" technique in vic.

    After that was all said and done (and a hill start on the way out of the test site :wink: ) we were off for a half hour ride to get some lunch. This was a fantastic experience. Riding in a group on the biggest bike that I have ever ridden through some fun roads was a great way to end the day. On the way back, I was starting to get the hang of the big girl.

    Anyway, the test was overall was a great experience.

    It feels good to have the full bike licence...
  2. congrats on the open license,

    out of interest which q-ride did you do (which area?)

    and what ( if any ) new bike are you looking for/going to get
  3. russ, did it south of brisbane with Team Moto

    bought an 05 Yamaha R6 yesterday
  4. I did the Morgan and Wacker Qride at Brookside. After just completing a 2 week Army Bike course at the end of last year, i found the course very easy. I was one of two on a Harley. The biggest thing i thought was lacking on the course was the teaching of road position within your lane individually or in a group. I am more then confident in riding in convey having much experience since completing my Army course, but was a bit afraid riding in that group on the final road test. Other then that i am very confident now and have bought myself a 1999 R1 with 17000 K's.
  5. Hi - my first post :)

    I'm starting my Q-Ride course tomorrow (Beginner's course - 3 days) and I'm nervous as hell. I've only ridden a road bike once previously for less than 10 minutes, and have less than half a day's experience with motorbikes in my whole life. While it's not how I'd prefer to get my licence, my mates can't keep their bikes running long enough for me to learn on. I'll let you folks know how I go in a few days I guess.

    Then you can expect a whole heap of stupid newbie questions about what bike I should buy and whatnot.
  6. toodles - the three day course is a great intro to bikes, you'll ace it.
  7. Yeah I've heard a lot of positive comments about the 3-day course. A lot of folks have told me I could probably get through on a 1-day course but given my lack of experience with motorbikes I can't see how any extra training would hurt.
  8. havent got my opens yet....still on me p's (qld) figured i ride on another 250 for a little while longer and get some more experience before i get some thing quicker (considering :roll: ive lost my license twice :oops: ) :?
  9. PLUS like half the other riders out there who are just starting out, my dad came off his bike and spent some time in the hospital, didnt wana teach me a thing about motorcycles, learning it all the hard way, qrides great, the best lessons u learn are on the road.
  10. Started my Q-Ride course yesterday and I'm stoked. Having never ridden a "real" motorbike before AT ALL (my experience is limited to Z50 riding when I was a kid), I still found it quite natural and easy to ride the bikes. I've still got a two days to go to finish the course but I'm looking forward to more time on the bikes and already trying to figure out how I can afford one of my own.

    The course is paced quite well and the instructor is happy to answer any daft questions I have and provides constructive criticism for any bad techniques or habits we have.