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Q Ride - what experiance needed?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by emilmh, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    I only got my learners and i want to get my licence before uni starts! (within a few weeks) I've had my bike for about 3 months (1 mothing of which i was away on holiday) and i've only been out on it twice for a total of about 1 or 2 hours! because my dad (who is teaching me) is to tired from work and busy around the house to take me out and teach me.

    now... i want to get my licence through qride, but im not sure what experiance and knowledge is neccessary before attending. I have heard from some people that no skill is needed, they "teach" you everytihng there. But somehow i doubt this, plus i dont think i can pick it up so fast and i want to confindently pass.
    So basically what skill and knowledge is need to comfortably get my licence through Q-Ride? (i have emailed pro Honda as thats where i'll probably get it done, but have goten no reply from them...)

    Also i live along a main road so dont suggest that i practice running it up and down the street. (as of yet i have only ridden it in closed of streets and estates, so i havent even experianced riding with cars around... :| )

    thanks for your help and advice
  2. To do Q-Ride you do not need any experience :)

    It will probably take you 2 days to get your open licnece..However that depends on if you have your open car licence or not

    Go have fun and stay safe

  3. im only going for my re licence so no need for and open car license. Also when you say two days, do you mean i will prob have to do the course twice? (as its only a 1 day program they have) or did you jsut think it was a two day program? Cos what i initially mean was how much experiance/knowledge i should have to get my license on my first go/attempt. I cant really afford to do the course twice! so thats why if there is any recommended knowledge/skills i definately want to know what it is. Im still gonna try get some more time on the bike if i can.
  4. Here goes for my first post...


    I went for my RE license at Pro Honda just last monday. I went into the day with a couple of weekends of trail riding and an hour or two of road riding under my belt. I was lucky as I was the only one to show up! Due to the extra attention I was all done by lunch time :grin:

    The course is very good, they take you through everything from basic bike maintenance to emergency counter steering. You progress at your own pace and there is plenty of time to practise anything you are unsure of.

    I would say that if you go into it with a sound knowledge of the controls of a bike and are able to start/ stop and change gears confidently you will be able to get your license in one day.

  5. thanks Joe

    Thats exactly the info i was after! :grin:
  6. you wouldn't have to do the course twice unless you really stuffed up..

    What I meant was if you were going for your open (allowed to ride a bigger cc bike) it normally takes 2 days....

    First day you normally learn all your controls low speed stuff, braking etc on a 250cc and the next day you would do exactly the same but on a bigger bike...

    If you are only going for your RE it should only take 1 day.. however if you are a slow learner or they don't think you are ready it may take a bit longer..

    Good luck with it all

  7. If you have been riding a little bit... Like you have been.. I think you will do fine on the day and walk away with your licence as what they ask of you is so piss easy it's just funny really..

    It's when you go for your first mountain ride that you go Oh wow I think I may require some skill to ride.. and that's where the fun part of learning comes....
  8. Yep, I had never ridden a bike before did Q-RIDE and had my opens in a day and a half
  9. Hi Emil,

    Do you have an open car licence? I have a feeling you may have to have your learners for at least 6 months before going for your licence. I could have that completely wrong, but may be worth checking out. Q ride generally works the best for people who have had their drivers licence for more than 3 years and can therefore shorten the time required for holding a learners permit and if need be go straight to an open licence. bluecraka might be able to clarify it. Its been a while since I did mine through Q ride, so theres a good chance I could have it wrong.

    If you can though you'll be fine. They'll teach you what you need. The rest is up to you! Good luck!!
  10. Hi Emil,

    I got my opens (had a car licence for long enough) in two days. As others have said, you do the first day on a small bike, then do the same on a bigger bike on the second day. If just going for your RE, then you can just do a single day (but you still need to be competant at the skills to pass).

    I had never ridden a motorbike before and got it easy in two days. I had ridden mountain bikes a fair bit though.

    A few other hints - it's so much harder to concentrate when it's hot, so if you've got a mesh jacket, bring it along! Also, if you can get in during a weekday, it's often cheaper, with a better instructor / student ratio, which makes things a lot easier.

    Hope that helps,
  11. Thanks for the reply guys! :D

    I have booked, and as one of you had also suggested, i booked on a weekday (saves me $30 plus im hopping not many people come). i'll try report once ive done it, so incase others in the future do a search they will find this thread as useful as possible.

  12. hey, i just did my Qride last thursday, and only jsut passed.
    I would recommend at least a few solid hours on a bike. Practice riding really slow, slow speed turns and figure 8's, start/stop, emergency braking and i would also suggest at least 2 hours on road with medium traffic. That should get you comfortably through. This is all assuming you have had no experiance before! otherwise you may find it easier.

    hope that helps anyone who finds this thread.
  13. Congrats emil! There are plenty of brissie netriders keen to go for a ride, so just let us know if you're interested. Do a few nice easy rides to start off with if you like.

    Did you do the q-ride in a single day, or across two days?

    For future reference, if you're doing it across two days, then practice as emil suggested *between* the two days would probably be the best way to do it. As most q-ride instructors i've talked to have said, they find it harder teaching those who've had a bit of practice / dirt bike experience, because basically they've learnt bad habits / techniques.

    If you're expecting to get it in a single day (ie just going for RE), then maybe a pay-by-the hour method might be better - you could space them out, which definitely improves learning.

  14. yeah, i was only going for RE so only one day course. I got my car licence late so im still on my p's and so i gotta wait a while till i can get my un restricted bike licence. In the meantime, im trying to get some experiance and confidence. I hope to be able to go on some amature/n00b group rides before i attempt to embarrass myself with you pros :p
  15. Congrats :)

    Also if you are going riding by yourself.. Make sure you tell somebody where you are going and approx time you will be home...

    It's always best to ride with somebody else..especially if you are going up any of the mountians

    Have fun
  16. hah, 'pro' :)

    I've only been riding for around 6 months. In any case, my group riding style is that everyone goes exactly as fast as they feel they need to. No need to keep up. Faster riders just need to wait every once in a while for everyone else to catch up.

    I tend to think straight line speed isn't all that exciting, and then there's the penalties! Much more fun to lean it right over and burn through tight corners fast - depending on the road and your riding style, you'll often be under the limit anyway.